Monday, July 16, 2007

Apology and keeping me accountable

Hello family and friends. I've been convicted about my blog as of late and I must make an apology. I am sorry for not keeping the focus of my blog on Christ and what He has done, on His many, many attributes, on Who He is and what He deserves. I should be helping you grow by sharing what God has been doing and teaching me in my life (which I must say is quite a bit) and helpful quotes and verses that push us all toward our goal ... Christ! I ask you to forgive me for failing to be a proper sister in Christ to you all and I ask ... plead with you, if at any time you come to my blog and you see again just simple fluff of every day life and not Christ centered, helpful things, please leave me a comment, keep me accountable, tell me it's time to get my focus on Christ and keep Him at the center of all my blogging. Please! I know, since we all have the same goal, to bring glory and honor to Christ, and to help brothers and sisters in Christ grow, that you will have no problem speaking up and telling me I'm heading off the track. I thank you in advance for your helpful, yet admonishing comments, letting me know I'm drifting!

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