Saturday, May 30, 2009

Oh, I forgot some ...


Because I'm sure none of you have EVER seen laundry before in your life ... *ahem* ... I thought I'd share some pictures with you. Laundry hanging on the line, drying in the gentle breeze, is one of my favorite things, in case you couldn't tell by all the pictures.

*~:: ... More Greta ... ::~*

Sunday, May 24, 2009

And they say it's hard to understand

I was sitting on the couch at work the other day, holding M, when A (an energetic, very smart three-year-old), who also was sitting on the couch, just out of the blue turned to me and said, "You're in God's eyes."
It took me a second to recover from the unexpected statement but I answered "Yes, everyone is in God's eyes." To which he said again, "You're in God's eyes." Only this time he added "You're wicked in God's eyes."
"Yes," I said, "Everyone is."
He nodded, "Yup." A pause and then, "God made people."
"Yes," I said, "God made everyone."
"God can see you," he said.
"Yes, God can see everyone."
Another short pause as he went back to his Duplo blocks. A couple more blocks put together before he informed me, "Jesus died."
"Yes," I sent a prayer for wisdom to God so that God would give me the words to say to little A so that he would understand. "But He came back to life."
"Yeah," another nod. "Where is God?"
"In heaven, on His throne."
"Where is Jesus?"
"At God's right hand, in heaven. By God's throne."
He didn't ask any more questions, but went back to building. But as I thought about it I was struck by the thought that, although he may not completely understand what he said, he knows something about it, we're wicked, God can see us, Jesus died and God is on His throne ... and he's only three. Surly God can enable people to understand things about Him that we sometimes think are "too hard" to understand and avoid talking about. Don't shy away from talking to people about God and Who He is and what He does. God will give you the words and wisdom to say what needs to be said to portray Him and His word in an accurate light and He will give understanding to those who need it ... even a three-year-old playing with Duplo blocks.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

More moments

The lone set of leaves.
The leaves again.
Me, mowing the church lawn.
Ethan, mowing the church lawn.
Sunset on the pond. Ethan, Leah and I went to the park to play catch with a baseball and the little pond is there at the park.
Sunset again.
And again, but not on water this time. *wink*
My "bouquet" I picked off of the parks lilac bushes on my walk home from the park. I walked by myself, Leah and Ethan drove her car, but it was a nice evening and it was fun to walk.
"Bouquet" again. They smell simply de-lish!!!! I love lilacs!!

Some ... er ... lots moments from my day

Greta Rosie's hand, in Auntie's (me) hair. She plays with people's hair when she sucks her thumb! Yumm!!!!
Auntie Ana and Greta Rosie!
More handfuls of hair.
Walking with Auntie.
And still walking with Auntie.
Her little hand, holding mine.
This is her "Auntie, I'm done with pictures," face. I'd already taken many, many pictures of her and me when this one was taken.
Face!!!! YUMMM!!!!!
Blue eyes!

Thursday, May 21, 2009


This is what I saw in my backyard this afternoon. A mama turkey and a little baby!!! :) It's not uncommon for us to have wild turkeys in the backyard because there is a farm on the edge of town, but I've never seen a poult (baby turkey) before. And it was making the cutest "peep, peep" noises!! It was just cute!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Belt Loops

Sooooo ... I bought these Capris (well, I call them Capris but I don't know if they are "technically" Capris ... but the ones that go down to just below your knee or a little further. *Shrugs* They are Capris to me. :) ) last year at a second-hand store. (I buy things at second-stores because I'm cheap trying to be careful with my money, don't chya know.) And I realized last year that the Capris that I bought didn't have belt loops in the back. Why? I couldn't tell ya. I mean, who doesn't put belt loops on pants? I guess Old Navy doesn't. Although I have to say, I wouldn't actually know since I'm cheep -- ahhhh -- I mean frugal and also I'm sheltered too busy to actually go shopping so I've never actually been in an Old Navy store. :) Aaaaaannnnnnyway. Why do I tell you all this? Because, today I took the time (finally, after a year of not wearing the Capris because they didn't have belt loops) to actually put some on. :) I found some really cute ribbon that I had and sewed it on. Check it out! Now my belt works beautifully!
See, my belt fits through the loops. :) Hurrah!

Friday, May 15, 2009

..*.. I love this flower ..*..

I think Mom said this flower is a type of tulip (the leaf looks like a tulip leaf to me) but she doesn't know how she got it or where it came from. But, I still just love it! And the leaves are wave-y, beautiful things, too.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Mama's lilacs opened today so I cut a couple for her and put them in Leah's new pitcher and washbasin. Then Mama thought it would look even more beautiful with different kinds of flowers in the pitcher, so here they are! Some of them still have little raindrops from the rain last night.