Friday, July 29, 2011

What it is ...

*sigh* So, here I am ... Finally ... The last time I actually blogged with pictures was November! When I actually said anything worth reading at all ... over a year.  Do you ever have times in life when you wonder, "Where is my life? The one I used to love? The one where I enjoyed my everyday, day to day life?"  The one when life is "slow" enough to smell the roses?  Maybe it's that I'm getting older, maybe it's that life gets busier, or maybe it's that I need to take time and find out what really matters in a day. I miss the days when I would get home from work and be able to help Mom in the garden.  I miss the days when I would make the noon meal.  I miss the days when I was home. I miss days when I took time to notice the small things in life.  I miss days that sound like this.

Birds chirp, Mama's fountain gurgles and bubbles, a short time ago Mom and Caleb sat talking in the lawn chairs next to me, their quiet, gentle hum of conversation enormously comforting. Sitting outside, in the shade, in the loveseat rocker I wonder how this year has passed this far without me knowing.

Maybe It's a state of mind, maybe it's making oneself prioritize, maybe it's finding out what really matters? Whatever it is, I plan on finding out.  And I also plan on trying to be here more ... I miss my bloggie peeps!