Friday, October 30, 2009

Of new cups, pearl-ies, Monopoly, brother and sister

Sick of cup pictures yet? *wink*
Picture courtesy of Ethan (pictured above).Another picture by Ethan.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Apparently it was a scary part in the movie ...

Believe it or not little A, (three, almost four in this picture) was watching The Iron Giant. But, I guess it was scary enough to need the security that only hiding under a blanket can provide. But, honestly, when I watch movies and I think it's going to be a scary part I, too, hide my face (but mind you not my eyes, so I can still see the scary part *Rolls eyes, silly me*) behind either a pillow or the blanket I'm covering myself with. :) Anyway, I thought it was too cute to pass up.

Monday, October 26, 2009

It's a new Superhero!

Introducing ... *Drum roll please*

Well, actually it's a cicada. But look at the "camo" on his ... er ... her ... ahhh ... it's *smile* back. It's so neat how God made it able to be "camo-ed" to the tree when they climb up and down on it!
"Huuuu ... yeah. Yeah, that's me. Look out. Here I come, world!"

As before "promised"

Here they are ... the pictures I mentioned in my previous post. But be warned ... there are many. (Click on the pictures to get a closer view.)

So ...

I know what you're all thinking ... *Gasp* It's a- It's a-a-a post!!!!

Honestly, I'm kind of thinking the same thing. What has happened to the last month (over actually) since I last posted!? Do you ever have those times when you get this GREAT idea of something to post, but you're not home, or at least not around your computer, and then when you actually HAVE the time to post you think ... "Why was I going to post THAT?!" ... Yeah, that's kind of been my story the last many, many weeks. I've even taken pictures to post and then when I look at them I think, "Aww, that's kinda dumb."

But, here I am. Finally posting again on this poor abandoned blog. I've missed posting and missed hearing from all you guys. Your comments honestly brighten my days! So, leave me some. What are you all up to? But most importantly, what is God doing in your life? I do check your blogs when time permits, but I don't always have the time to sit and read a lot. But I'd love to know, and since there is a comment box ... well ... I'd shaw be grateful ta ya iffin ya used it. *wink*

Yesterday evening I rearranged my room ... well, actually it started Saturday night because Leah was feeling rearrange-y and rearrange-ied her room which inspired me to at least try my hand at this rearranging and *gasp* could I honestly mean ... Decorating! My ideas of decorating consist of pounding a nail in a wall and putting a picture on it or tacking something onto a bulletin board. Thankfully Leah's idea of decorating is something more like this. One of her great ideas that she shared with me, when I was trying to beautify said bulletin board was instead of using pins or tacks to pin pictures up, use old earrings. And instead of just having a bookshelf, light it up with a string of lights intertwined within and around the things on the shelves (actually, I just came up with that one just now, as I was sitting here typing, but it sounds like a Leah or Katie decorating thing.)

Anyway. That was just a little unnessiscary up-date for all ya wonderfully faithful readers out there. :) And just so ya know, there will be pictures ... eventually. Yes, I AM going to try to keep up on the blogging again. We'll see how that goes! Thanks for stopping by!