Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Day Fun

Look out! Hit the deck! In-coming snowball. ... *makes a snowball and throws it back* Yes! Victory ... no, wait, don't throw one at me ... rrrreeeeeetrrrrreeeeeeeat! .... AHHHHHH!!!! *Thud, pushed into a snow pile*
Awkward as it sounds that's what my Christmas morning sounded like ... or close any way. While outside I discovered the snow was sticky *evil laugh* so I hurled one at Ma. This snowballed (Ha! pun totally intended!) and soon Mom, Dad, Ethan, Leah and myself were taking turns throwing snowballs at each other. Some of us *ahem, dad* used snow shovels to throw snow instead of making snowballs ... and some of us *ahem, dad, Leah and ... ahhh ... me* just gave up and shoved people into snow piles. :)
Leah and I also got in on the snow blowing as well. Dad showed Leah and Ethan showed me ... okay, so yes, I'm 22 and my 14 year old brother was showing me how to use the blower. But hey *shrugs* now I know.
Snowball fights continued here and there and snow angels were made as well. Nearly dripping wet from snowballs and from the trees dripping on us we headed in for a meal of ham, salad and such. It was Dee-Lish! Let me tell ya peeps!
I had a wonderful day and I hope you all did as well!! Here are some pictures from the morning and sort of afternoon-ish time. There are a lot of pictures, so I won't mind if you don't want to look at them all. To see Leah's pictures, and some short videos, click here.

Mom, Me and Ethan, shortly into the morning. Ethan looks like he's trying to WD-40 my face.
Oh, yes, much better. Not so much WD-40-ing in this picture. :)
Ethan eating icicles. Mom, in the background, is trying to show me that they were in fact clean to eat, I did not believe her ... obviously, then, Leah took this picture.
I assure you, my bangs were, in fact, curled when I exited the house that morning, and my hair was also dry ... it is neither of those things in this picture, as you can unfortunately see. You can also see the water on my face, the trees were dripping ... odd.
Me and Leah, starting to get wet from melting snow from snowballs and such.
Dad, the expert snow blower man.
Dad showing Leah how to run the snow blower.
"Look at me, I have no idea what I'm doing, but take my picture anyway, cuz I'm cute!" Okay, so Leah actually did a good job ... she just looks like she doesn't know what she's doing in this picture. :)
Concentrate ... concentrate .... concentrate ... Me trying to blow the snow.
My pretty Mama with snow in her hair! Luv ya Mom!
Snow angel gone wrong ... *giggles* Leah was trying to "throw" herself back in the snow far enough to make a decent snow angel, but all she accomplished was getting herself stuck in the snow. :) It was funny.
Me and Leah ... as you can see from this picture, my hair had some sort of order to it now. :)
Me, Mom and Leah ... the ladies of the house.
For any of you how know my father this picture makes me look tall. :) But truth be told I (at 5 foot 7 inches) am not even close to being as tall as my dad (at 6 foot 3 inches) I told him to "shrink" and he "squatted" next to me. :)
Me, Dad and Leah!
My WAY Cee-ute parents! I love you guys!!!
Merry Christmas from my family to you!

Merry Christmas!

So, I don't post, don't post and then don't post. I'm sorry I've continued to neglect my poor little blog. I just have had nothing to post about.
But I'm now posting to wish you all a merry Christmas! We are currently in the middle of a "winter storm" according to the weather station. We've had a total of about ten to twelve inches of snow so far with more on the way ... needless to say we canceled our Christmas plans to go to my aunt's house. But it's great to be home for a holiday. I'm always going and always doing every day and sometimes I like being home, especially on holidays when you just sit around, play games, drink tea, eat yummies, read books, just look at the snow ... etc., etc., etc.. :)
What do/did your Christmas plans hold? Are you all experiencing a white Christmas? Are you having family and friends or just being home alone?
Let us, also, not forget, in our hustle and bustle, or our sitting at home just being, that Jesus Christ, ruler and maker of the universe (not just earth, the UNIVERSE), came from heaven, took upon the lowest human form (a bond servant) as a baby (!!!) and grew in the wisdom and knowledge of His Father and God and then gave His life, willingly, for us, that we may no longer be slaves to sin or to the king of this world (Satan) but that we may be called sons/daughters and heirs of Him!!!! May we not forget the wonderful gift God has already given us: His life, death, resurrection and life for us in Him!
May your Christmas be blessed and happy, in the Lord!

Thursday, December 03, 2009

Welcome to the Himalayas!!

*Snow blows with the wind and beats against your face and the temps are freezing! Needless to say, it's cold!*

How does that fit with Himalayas? Anybody ever seen Monsters Inc.? The abominable snowman who is banished to the "Frozen waste land"? The place where Mike and Sully get banished after helping Boo? Yeah, kinda like that. Sarcasm and all that jazz.

Aaaaaaaannnnyway, it was snowing and blowing and freezing yesterday. It was pretty, but cold and cold and snowy and cold. Something that is better observed from the indoors. Or from a hot tub? :)

Greta Rosie had her first hot tub experience last night and she was so cute!! Well, I guess she sat on the step of the hot tub and only her feet dangled in the water, but I guess you could call that "in" the hot tub.

But, I'm just saying hi, since it's been a while. And I'm sharing Greta pictures and wondering how your Thanksgiving went. Let me know! I was with my Grandma, Grandpa, Caleb, Katie, Greta, my family, and a bunch of cousins and aunts and uncles. :) It was great! It was warm and we stayed outside almost the whole time. We had dirt-bike races and some of us learned to ride the bike and some of us just watched the whole thing (yes, I'm lumping myself into the later category on that one). Either way, it was really fun. So, as I already said, fill me in on your thanksgiving! Tell me how you're doing in life in general and anything else you wanna share ... I'm always excited to read comments about everyone!

Anyway, here are the promised picture of Greta "in" the hot tub! (First picture taken by Ethan. The others are taken by moi. Auntie Leah is tickling her, that's why she looks like she's squirming. :) ) Enjoy! Leave me a comment! Talk to you later but hope to hear from you sooner!