Sunday, December 02, 2007

-X- Spoons -X-

Here is my spoon "up-date". I tried a spoon in my coffee, it was so wonderful, just a hint of chocolate in my coffee. :) It was yummy. However, I tried a spoon (Okay, that sounds really weird, to "try" a spoon. :) Anyway.) in some black tea. That didn't taste so swell. I've come to the conclusion that if you want to use spoons for tea then white chocolate would be the route to go rather then brown. I also thought, maybe if you want to use your spoons for tea, melt white chocolate and put a couple drops of mint flavoring (or any other flavoring you would like) in the chocolate and then mix and dip. I think tea with a mint, white chocolate flavor would taste pretty good. :) Anyway, there is my up date. :) Anybody try the spoons yet?
Give the gift of spoons this season. :)


Charity Dawn said...

That does sound yummy! I made your hot chocolate recipe and that was so good. Seth takes a cup with him to work in the morning. Mmm!

Ana said...

I'm so glad your hot chocolate turned out good. :) It makes me happy to drink and I'm glad you are able to have your own little happiness bringing cup. :)

Robert said...

The dipped spoons look good.I will try it and I'll let you know how it went.

That spoon would make a good stocking stuffer.

Do you have a fireplace? It would be nice to watch the snow while sitting beside a warm fire.

Ana said...

That would be GREAT if you would let me know how they turn out. :) You're right, they would make great stocking stuffer gifts. Although, I can't say from experience since my family and I have never had stockings but I've many friends who do.
And sadly, I do not have a fireplace, although it is my dream and wish to have a fireplace to sit by and drink warm tea/coffee/hot chocolate and watch the flames jump and be cozy. :) But not at this time in my life I guess. Maybe sometime. Do you have a fireplace? That would be so neat. If you do you'll have to let me know how the spoons work by the fireplace. :)
Thanks for your comment. I always enjoy hearing from you.