Saturday, September 18, 2010

Humming Bird Watching

*~::The Evening of September 14th ::~*

There are a ton of pictures in this post ... so I won't be offended if you skip some (not like I will ever know anyway *smile*).  I just had such a wonderful evening I just had to "document" it all! I realize that some pictures are very, very similar but each one is (believe it or not) different, and each one makes me happy!
The very beautiful sheets my little brother bought me!

I. Love. This. Picture!
Wearing my sister's clogs (like three sizes too big) out to the herb garden to clip mint for the iced tea!
The mint.
Garlic chives.
Said mint in iced water (no tea yet).
Now there's tea.
While I was out, crouching in the herb garden, I could hear the humming birds flying around. They are such tiny, cute birds.
The dinning room

On the wall of the dinning room.
My nephew, Josiah.
My request for supper.  Black-eyed peas, and rice!
Sweet Mommy made me iced tea too, even though I didn't think to request it!
My niece, Greta.
After supper we went out front to stand on the window boxes and watch the humming birds.  They've been known to sit on your finger if you stand still enough.  Leah and Greta are waiting for the birds in this picture.
She sees one.
"Right there, over there, the hunning birds."
Then I got to hold Greta.
The hummer watching group, minus Greta.
Greta's curls.
The surprise birthday cake!
It was really good cake.
My new mug, I got from a friend.
He fell asleep on the floor.