Thursday, October 11, 2007

~*~ Hot Chocolate ~*~

Okay, yes, I am aware of the fact that my post is called "hot chocolate" and the picture in this post is called "coffee." But we're just looking at the cup, not the name of the picture or the name on the cup ... just the cup. :)

*~ 1# 9.6 oz. box of powdered milk (10 &1/2 cups)
*~ 3 oz. coffee mate (3/4 cups)
*~ 3/4 cups powdered sugar
*~ 1# nestle quick (3 & 1/2 cups)
*~*~ Mix and store in sealed container. Mix 1/3 C. to 8 oz. hot water. Or stronger if desired. I like mine rather strong.

I really like the recipe because even though you make it strong it just gets creamier, not syrupy and thick like the stuff from the store. :)


Leah said...

Mmm.. Yummyness! I love that stuff. But it's all gone! hint hint. :)


Anna S said...

Mmm... I could certainly do with a cup of hot chocolate in the evening, especially now that it's getting chilly.

Charity Dawn said...

That sounds super good right now! I am going to write down that recipe! I really enjoyed reading your post before this one about prayer. Truly we do cast our expectations upon Him when we should be casting our anxieties and cares upon Him. How merciful He is to listen to our helplessness. "Lord, teach us to pray."

Katya said...

Thank you so much for the recipe, Ana! It's going right into my notebook. Hope you're having an enjoyable trip. ~'::