Saturday, August 27, 2011

Because this makes me happy ...

Who knew a bag from India and a hair clip sitting in the sunshine could make me so happy?!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Oh, yes I did!

So, we recently had a mini "vacation".  It was actually just a weekend to Wyoming for my Grandma's 80th birthday party but I didn't have to work, so I count it as a vacation. Aaaaanyway, for those long-time readers of my blog, you know I like coffee ... just a leetle ... or ... maybe ... a lot. Okay, actually I just love coffee. So, to make sure I wasn't without the liquid love of my life for even one morning, I did what any other crazy big coffee lover would do.

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Taking the time

Sun peaks in and out of clouds in a mostly blue sky. A gentle breeze adds to the slight chill of a cooler summer day. Pants take the place of capris and a long-sleeved t-shirt where once was a sleeveless.  It's a wonderful, almost chilly day.

I went back to work today after a long weekend. Camera in hand I started out my weekend with a cheerful outlook and excitement that I didn't have to go to work for 3 whole days (well, 4, but I don't work on Sundays anyway, so it wasn't really a "day off" for me). I guess working 6 days a week maybe gets to you after a while, love your job or not.  Thankfully I do love my job, I am happy to be back working.  But I was so thankful for a little break.

This weekend was the first time, in a while, that I have actually taken pictures of anything really.  But it was a time to rediscover the "little things" in life. (Pictures will hopefully come later.)
Right now, sitting outside in the previously mentioned breeze. Listening to this song. (The one and only song that is currently on my playlist for this blog.)

A mug of hot Camomile tea, sweetened with Agave nectar. ::~

Going to read Emma, by Jane Austen.  I am totally loving this book!

My parent's camera (which I have adopted as my own) rests near by, in case of a moment of inspiration.

That long-sleeved shirt I told you about? Yeah, it makes me so very happy.

{Heart} Mama talking on the phone. {Heart} I just love my Mama's voice and the sweet, gentle way in which she speaks and forms her words.

Leah sitting near me, reading a book.  Wearing a sweater, capris, socks and ... wait for it ... flip-flops. {Smile} Yeah.

Keeping my feet warm from the breeze are my new, $3.00 shoes.  They also make me very happy.

And speaking of happy.  This pictures just fills my heart with happiness and joy! (This picture is from the weekend, not this evening, but it just melts my heart!)