Wednesday, February 13, 2008


I received a comment from a young lady wishing to know my views of college and I thought maybe this question is on some of your minds as well.

Here is her comment:

I just recently found your blog via Ashleigh's. Thanks for taking the time to write this Valentine's series :o) I also like your pictures...where do you find all of them? Especially the one with the little girl looking into the goldfish bowl!

And I have a are single, teaching piano lessons? Did you go to college? I am a single woman (21) and in school right now pursuing an Early Childhood Education degree. I have struggled with whether or not to pursue a college degree. It seems to just make my life so BUSY...what with work (I nanny) and going to school, and I know that what I am doing now is cultivating what my life will be like in the future...and I don't want my life to be so busy and harried in the future when I am a wife and mother (if God brings me that desire of my heart). Just wanted to know your thoughts on this, whether you went to college, etc...


My Reply: (I published this as a comment but I have changed or added a word here and there from the original comment).

Believe me, it is my pleasure to write a series on my blog if it is at all helpful to anyone at anytime of life! I'm just glad the Lord is so choosing to use it!

To be honest with you, I've found my pictures from various sites and blogs. I believe the little girl and the fishbowl was found on "A Wise Women Builds Her Home" linked on my side bar. (The link to the picture is: )

Yes, I am single, living in my parents home and teaching piano. I have decided, with my parents, to not attend college of any kind. I am still taking piano lessons and the education I get from my very, very advanced teacher, is equal to what I could receive in a college setting, only at a far less cost! I understand completely that college life combined with "regular" life would be VERY busy. And I guess, since I am teaching piano and learning to be a wife and mother (rather preparing to be) throwing college into the mix would make my life very busy too.

I have decided not to attend college for a few reasons:

1. The only reason I would go to college is to have a degree in teaching so that, if I am blessed by God with marriage and children, no one can say I'm not capable of teaching my own children at home because I have no degree.

2. My greatest desire is to be a stay at home mom and wife and nothing in college (even Christian college) could equip me for that role better than my mother!

3. To me, it seems, if my life's desire is to be a stay at home mother and wife and I go to college and major in something completely off that track and I do end up getting married and being a stay at home mom then would all those years (not to mention dollars) go to waste?

4. I don't want my life to be so hurried and in such a rush all the time. It really is not very helpful for the one trying to live a peaceful, quiet life. And I understand no one has a completely quiet and peaceful life, but if I can cut some hurry and scurry out of my life by NOT going to college I will jump at that chance.

5. I want to be a stay at home mom, and if I go to college and am out of the home all day every day, then when/if I get married, staying at home would seem so strange to me and not only would it take time to get used to but it would be hard to be content with staying home when I'm used to running around. And I don't want that. I do realize that there are college classes on line and if you choose to take college that way then being out of the home would not apply there.

I hope I answered your questions. I greatly appreciate your willingness to comment/ask questions and then be willing to have an answer given! Please, if I haven't fully answered your questions, or if I have raised new ones. Please let me know, I'm more then happy to help you in anyway I can!


Elizabeth said...

Ana ... speaking as one daugter-at-home to another, GREAT post! :->

Ana said...

Thank you for your comment. I sometimes wonder if I'm alone in my desires to be a stay at home DAUGHTER, not just a stay at home wife! Thank you for the encouragement you gave in that comment!

Sileena said...

What a great response. I find a lot of times that SAHM and their daughters have the same stands but don't have the wherewithal to back up their stand to others.

Ana said...

Thank you for your comment! I must say that I am not familiar with SAHM.