Monday, August 24, 2009

Meet ...

Chuckles ... the little rose Mama bought for me a few months back. She finally bloomed and she is so beautiful!!! I picked her and put her on the table to brighten up the Sunday dinner table.Right after I picked it I was feeling slightly "tropical" so I stuck it behind my ear ... just being silly.

Yes ... I AM posting three pictures of the same cup

Why? Because I LOVE IT!!! A dear, sweet friend bought it for me (and one for herself). It is so fun to drink out of ... so very much fun, in fact, that I brought it to church Sunday and sipped tea out of it at church instead of using the Styrofoam cups. But, it reminds me of a little brick coffee shop and totally makes my day. So here I am, sharing it with you. In the pictures the cup is filled with sweet iced tea, as it was a little warm, but since it has held many cups of hot tea as well.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Will your car survive?

I saw this at work today ... the kids are fond of taking stickers off of one thing and sticking them on other things. I couldn't help laughing. Things like "the car wash for the super dirty car ... if your car can make it through this car wash it's truly a muscle car ... for only the bravest of cars" ran through my mind. Apparently the car to the right of the picture, currently trapped under "car wash of doom", didn't survive.

Recipe by a 7-year-old

Skittle and Peppermint Stew

Cut skittles in half and then stick different kinds together. And then put them in a bowl. Then break a peppermint stick in to pieces and put it in the bowl, too. And then put the bowl in the refrigerator, let it set for 4 minutes. Then the dessert is done.

How do you know you've been talking to little kids a lot?

Well, it's when you get your laptop out, set it up on the table, and turn it on. Then you think that maybe you should plug it in. So you get out the power cord. But, as you try to unwrap it and try to plug it in you accidentally drop it. And what is your response? ... "Oops, bonk," said in your "Oh no. Sweetie got an owwie" voice. *Heaves a sigh and rolls eyes* Oh my.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Since my days are generally busy and I don't take the time to actually WRITE post I will just torture you all with a zillion (a new word I made up) pictures from my days instead. These pictures are from yesterday, August 11. To see a picture better, click on it to enlarge it.
Baking cookies.
All baked.
To me every warm/hot day demands iced tea.
Water drops on the leaves from the hose.
Mama was watering the garden and she asked me to get her a basket to put the things that needed picked. Because it was hot outside I brought her a glass of iced water in the basket.
Mama's cutie hair.
Bare feet and skirt because it's hot and an apron because I'm baking.
Double Delight roses ... they are such a delight!
Sweetie Mama watering the garden ... but you already knew that.
Watering one of my rose beds ... this bed doubles as an herb and other plants garden. The plant pictured is Bee Balm/Monarda
Ethan sifting the sand in the sandbox.
My sheets drying in the gentle breeze.
Mommy dog! Keda. :)
Garden produce in the basket seen earlier.
Clothes waiting to be hung on the line.
Clothes pin ... obviously. *Smile*
Clothes drying.
Cozy place to sit.
Afternoon sun on the leaves.
Evidence of earlier mentioned watering.

Sun through Goldenrod

... Click on a picture to enlarge ...

Introducing ...

The puppies!! 8 days old today.

(Gabe is the one in the corner (all black), the brown one is Charlie, and the one on the bottom (brown-ish black) is Tavy)
First off we have: Gabriel (Gabe)Second: CharlieAnd last but not least: ... Octavius (Tavy)

Sleeping Treasure