Friday, December 14, 2007

~Be Near to Me~

For what does He ask that I cannot give?
"Nothing," my heart cries, "for all is His."
He has already given His life for me,
And He asks for no more than that of me.
Be near to me, Lord, be near.

Be my Lord, Master, God and King,
Oh, make me Yours, ruler of everything.
Break my heart, if You should see the need,
For You say when my heart is broken You are near to me.
Only, Lord, never leave, please ... be near to me.

Take what You must,
Please help me to trust.
Try, test, discipline and scourge,
For it says in Your precious Word,
"Those whom He loves, He chastens,"
And, "By this we know we are sons."
Do what you will Lord,
Do all to make me love You more.
As the tears fall when only You can see,
Only be near to me.

~Ana (A.K.A. me)
~Written 11-13&14-07


miss mary said...

what a beautiful poem , such talent. your site is just terrific. remarkable. I am going to have to return to read through everything. Hope you don't mind me stopping by again :) Hugs and God Bless

Anonymous said...

Inspirational poem that you've written I'm loving how devout you are.