Saturday, October 06, 2007

Disturbing Reputation

As I was walking through a store this afternoon I went browsing through the wedding isle. I always enjoy looking at pretty little things and wondering what I would perhaps look for if/when the time comes. As I was glancing my eyes fell on two figurines.

The first one, as you can see on the bottom of the picture, is called "Now I Have You."
And the second one is called, "Oh No You Don't."As I looked at these "funny" (or not so funny) figurines I was struck by the thought, "Is this what people expect from women?" To drag a man to the alter and make sure he doesn't escape? To make sure that we end up with a man no matter what it takes? Whether or not the man even wants to be married?

How different, as Godly, Christian women, we ought to be!

But when you think about it, shouldn't our focus as unmarried women be on growing and becoming more like Christ, rather than wondering who we will marry and how it will all work out? However, I know that unmarried women have a tendency to wonder about things of that nature at sometime or other. :)

As an unmarried person I know the feelings and desires a woman has about being married. I have also, in the past, been one to give into the fleshly, selfish desires of trying to make things work out so that I would end up married. I now look back and thank the Lord that I was unable to "make things work out." We, as unmarried Christian women, ought not to try to manipulate situations that God puts us in to make sure in the end we end up married.

How much stronger will our faith and trust in God be if we surrender our desires and wants into His able hands (and not manipulate but watch Him work) and truly have faith that God will bring that person into our lives when He knows it is best?

I have seen how God does work in couples lives, courtship, engagement and marriage and all I can do is say, "If that's how it works when you "let" God take control, that's what I want." How can we possibly think that we know better then God in trying to make things work out between a certain person and ourselves? If it is God's will that you end up with that certain someone won't He make it known, in His way and His time? And how beautiful will your love story be when you wholly and completely surrender to God? Also, what an example and witness you can be to those around you. How different from the world you will be when you give all to Christ instead of chasing, dragging, convincing and manipulating.

You can also know, without a shadow of a doubt, that if your relationship, courtship, engagement and wedding is God's doing, then you will truly be happy in marriage if you continue to keep your eyes on Christ and let Him work in all areas of your life.

Help me change the way people view us as women and leave all to Christ, knowing He knows best and truly believing and trusting that!

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Ashleigh said...

What excellent thoughts, Ana, and so well put. It can take a while and some hard experiences, but in all of my unmarried friends' lives, I see true contentment and peace when they simply just take their hands "off" the situation and let God have full control, not manipulating and trying to "make things work out" to get married. What a blessing to see as God teaches you this, drawing you closer to Him! :)

Anna S said...

Ana - I've seen these images online before, and it kept me thinking, too, not only about women but men as well - is it a norm now for a man to be afraid of marriage and commitment? Do we think a man will get married now only if bullied, forced and manipulated?

Ah. Such a sad picture.

Ana said...

Yes, I totally agree, not only are the women in a bad light but the men also. Thank you for your points in your comment!

Rosebud said...

Hm, this post makes me think, Ana.

Ana said...

Yes, doesn't it?