Monday, April 30, 2007

Wonderful Sunday

For the morning service on Sunday I was able to serve in the nursery. And it was GREAT!! The first set of pictures are from the nursery. After church we went over to C and Katya's house for a picnic!! Amazing food and fellowship! After dinner we played games or sat around and talked, then headed to the lake. The boat ride was, of course, GREAT! Then back home for root beer floats and more games! It was an amazingly, wonderful day! (For more pictures from this fun-filled day, visit Katya and Leah's sites.)
(Left corner) Baby L and my feet! (Below) A little heart on a little pocket on E's shirt.

(Left) E and my skirts! (Right) Flowers on my skirt.

(Left) C and E playing together. (Right) L and trusty blanket. L is making another mess. :)

(Below) J and my skirts! Such pretty colors.

(Left) Table with LOTS of really, really yummy food. (Right) Glasses for yummy drinks.

(Left) My sandals. It was SO nice outside! (Right) on the little wood "Shelves" are drinks (Lemonade, iced tea, and water), cups, and ice.

(Below) Sun through my sweet iced tea.

(Left and right) Boat ride! Whee!!!! See the rainbows in the water splashes? Cool huh? (Click on the pictures for a closer, better view of the rainbows.)

(Left and right) waves from the boat.

(Below) Root beer float!!! YUMMY!!!
(Below) Lawn bowling.

(Left and right) The sunset! Beautiful!

(Below) The moon coming up as the sun was setting!

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Firday evening boat ride.

Last evening, as the sun was setting, big bro C, little bro E, Katya, Leah and I got into C's boat and we drove around the lake for the first time this year. :) It was the best!!! I LOVE riding in the boat, jumping over the waves and just sitting on the lake, it's all fun. Here are some pictures of the waves we made and the sun as it was setting! The pictures are in the order we took them, so you can see the sun set. :) Very cool! Katya, Leah and I passed the camera around as we went so I'm not really sure who took what pictures. :) ( Click on the pictures to get the full view of the pictures!! They are so cool!!!)

My Thursday fun!

On Thursday (the 26th) I went over to a friend's house (Mr. and Mrs. S.) to watch their grandkids, H and C, while they went some where. :) The kids were at their grandparent's house because their mom also had to be gone that day. :) So I took my camera and took lots of REALLY fun pictures to share with you. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did!!! (This is a REALLY long post.) :)
(Top left) Making a puzzle.

(Left) C's little shoes next to my foot. (Right) C, H, and my shoes.

(Left and Right) Cool light switch covers that Mr. S painted.

(Below) Liquid pick me up for early mornings. :) Cappuccino!!!!

(Left and Right) A really cool night-light .

(Left) Breakfast for little C. :) (Right) C's PJ's!!!

(Below) A very cute, very small paper holder!!! :) CUTE!!

(Left) We went on a walk and we found ants. :) Shh, don't tell anyone but they were squishing the little, tiny ants with their little, tiny fingers. :) (Right) A tree we saw on the walk, see the leaves coming out!!! Spring is coming!!!!!

(Below) A way cool swing we saw on our walk.
(Below) A wreath Mrs. S has on her front door. It's so pretty!

(Left) After our walk we went home and then decided to walk to the park, when we got their H went down the slides right away, but C didn't want to go by himself, so he sat on my lap. :) That's his head and my feet. :) (Right) H going down the slide! Whee!!

(Left) C walking down the stairs. (Right) Run! Scare the birds away!!

(Left) Holding C's little hand on the walk home from the park. (Right) Holding H's hand on the way home.

(Below) Snack time! Yippy.

(Left) Playing Candy Land with H while C took a nap. (Right) I lost, I'm the red one, H is the green one. :) Don't tell him, but I stacked the deck toward the end of the game because it was taking so long and he wanted to win. :)

(Below) C's sippy cup!