Thursday, October 04, 2007

Puppy fun!

This morning I went to check on my rose garden and took the puppies with me. They were so cute. They would jump on the mini rose bushes and just sit on them. *Rolls eyes and shakes head* Silly puppies. They would try to play with the rose bush leaves and chase each other around in between the plants. They are so playful and cute! They growl and bark at each other when they play too. Here are some pictures I got, but they moved so fast that I wasn't able to get many of them playing. :) (The white one is Vanilla and brown one is Chocolate.)
Chocolate is so little. (Yes I said Chocolate, not Vanilla, Chocolate looks almost white in the sunshine.) No! Chocolate is eating my pant leg! :) Scary huh?! *Wink* (Chocolate not Vanilla. *Smiles*) What can one say but ... Cute!!! Again, what's there to say? :) Oh, eat the scary rose bush leaf Chocolate! (Again, even though she's light, it's Chocolate.) Hello cutie pies! Vanilla pawing at my leg.Help, being eaten again!


Anna S said...

Hi there - so cute! And so nice to 'meet' you! :)

Ana said...

Hi Anna~
Nice to see your name on my blog. Thanks for the comment! It's very nice to 'meet' you too! :)