Friday, July 24, 2009

Get ready, get set ...

...for an abnormally large, unnecessary amount of pictures from my day.
Cute measuring "cups" I got for less then .50 cents each!!
Also got for less then .50 cents each.
A new puzzle a friend got for me. You can't see it, but their are tears rolling down the cheeks of "Stonewall" Jackson (left) and Robert E. Lee (right). Thus the name ... next picture.
Still working on the potpourri
What a happy new rose.
Kind of weird picture but here is my fat little pregnant doggie. She's due I think next week.
Laundry on the line and beloved basket.
Two bees on a sunflower (one is right in the middle and the other is off to the right, almost off the picture).
My iced-tea
Mama's iced-tea.
Lovely Mama.
"Alice Through the Looking Glass".Fluffy white clouds.
Mama's iced-tea again.
And again, see the "reflection" of red on the chair?
Sun patches.
Sun patches on my clothes.
Sitting, reading, drinking iced-tea in the sun patches.My hair.Sparkle on the glass.


Leah said...

Wow! I think I know where you live. :P Our dog looks REALLY large. :P

Rosebud said...

Those were all lovely pictures! I am planning to post pictures today of some great finds at a garage sale yesterday...

Robert said...

Those measuring cups are cute!and a good deal too.

It's been a while since I've seen your dog.

looks like you had a nice relaxing day.And ice tea hit's the spot on a hot summer day!