Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Since my days are generally busy and I don't take the time to actually WRITE post I will just torture you all with a zillion (a new word I made up) pictures from my days instead. These pictures are from yesterday, August 11. To see a picture better, click on it to enlarge it.
Baking cookies.
All baked.
To me every warm/hot day demands iced tea.
Water drops on the leaves from the hose.
Mama was watering the garden and she asked me to get her a basket to put the things that needed picked. Because it was hot outside I brought her a glass of iced water in the basket.
Mama's cutie hair.
Bare feet and skirt because it's hot and an apron because I'm baking.
Double Delight roses ... they are such a delight!
Sweetie Mama watering the garden ... but you already knew that.
Watering one of my rose beds ... this bed doubles as an herb and other plants garden. The plant pictured is Bee Balm/Monarda
Ethan sifting the sand in the sandbox.
My sheets drying in the gentle breeze.
Mommy dog! Keda. :)
Garden produce in the basket seen earlier.
Clothes waiting to be hung on the line.
Clothes pin ... obviously. *Smile*
Clothes drying.
Cozy place to sit.
Afternoon sun on the leaves.
Evidence of earlier mentioned watering.


Nikki said...

Where did you get that sheet?? It's so pretty!!

Ana said...

I found the sheets at Wal-mart like last year I think.

Caroline said...

I love all the pix! The cookies look amazun!

Rosebud said...

Very lovely pictures. :)