Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!

So, I don't post, don't post and then don't post. I'm sorry I've continued to neglect my poor little blog. I just have had nothing to post about.
But I'm now posting to wish you all a merry Christmas! We are currently in the middle of a "winter storm" according to the weather station. We've had a total of about ten to twelve inches of snow so far with more on the way ... needless to say we canceled our Christmas plans to go to my aunt's house. But it's great to be home for a holiday. I'm always going and always doing every day and sometimes I like being home, especially on holidays when you just sit around, play games, drink tea, eat yummies, read books, just look at the snow ... etc., etc., etc.. :)
What do/did your Christmas plans hold? Are you all experiencing a white Christmas? Are you having family and friends or just being home alone?
Let us, also, not forget, in our hustle and bustle, or our sitting at home just being, that Jesus Christ, ruler and maker of the universe (not just earth, the UNIVERSE), came from heaven, took upon the lowest human form (a bond servant) as a baby (!!!) and grew in the wisdom and knowledge of His Father and God and then gave His life, willingly, for us, that we may no longer be slaves to sin or to the king of this world (Satan) but that we may be called sons/daughters and heirs of Him!!!! May we not forget the wonderful gift God has already given us: His life, death, resurrection and life for us in Him!
May your Christmas be blessed and happy, in the Lord!


Melanie said...

Merry Christmas, Ana! I hope you are having a wonderful day!

Rosebud said...

Hey! Nice to see you on again! My family had our Christmas yesterday because my dad is working today. It was a wonderful day! Today my mom, sisters, and I are watching "Little Dorrit", which we got yesterday. :)

Merry Christmas!!!!!! :D

Nikki said...

Welcome back! Did you spruce up your blog while you were posting? :)

I DID go to my mom's yesterday. And we got there just fine, although just outside of NU we had to stop and help pull/push a van out of the ditch. That was eventful. But after that it was smooth sailin'! ;-)

I hope your enjoyed your day at home with your family!

Jason A. Hunsicker said...

Merry Christmas Ana!

Ana said...

Nikki~ Yeah, I'm just messing with backgrounds. I'm bored of brown so I'm looking for something else. And I'm glad you made it to your Mom's I was thinking about you!

Jason~ Thanks, and Merry Christmas to you!