Saturday, November 03, 2007

Vacation Part I

~South Dakota~

A Cozy, Rainy, Tea In Pretty, Lacy Cups Day~
(My Aunt has the best tea cups. :) And I love rainy days!)

A Girl-y Room~
(My sweet, little cousin gladly gave up her room to me and my sister both times we were there, for a couple of days each time. Her room is so pretty and girl-y.)
The Road Trip Through South Dakota~
(I love driving through South Dakota and Wyoming. Everything is so open and beautiful!! Please pardon the blurriness of my pictures, it's rather hard to take clear pictures when you're driving down the road, or rather riding while someone else drives. Fear not, I did not take pictures while I was driving. :) )

~For more South Dakota pictures, visit Leah's post here.~

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Katya said...

Such beautiful pictures, Ana! Your aunt's teacup is so pretty, and I love M.-A.'s room, with the little butterflies and pinkness. That was the room that you and I stayed in that one Christmas, wasn't it? I love the pictures of SD and WY...the hills and buttes, with sagebrush and fences and big expanses of sky! Thank you for taking pictures of your vacation to share with us who stayed back home. :) I look forward to more in "part 2" ;).