Monday, November 05, 2007

Vacation Part II

~Yup you guessed it...Wyoming!!!~

Driving Through Wyoming To Grandma's House~
(I love driving through Wyoming more than I do South Dakota (could you tell from the red letters? :) ). But since we were getting into Wyoming and to Grandma's house at night, as the sun was setting (thus the sunset pictures) it was kind of hard to get good scenery pictures. :) The mountain is Laramie peek.)
And What Is Wyoming Without Horses!?~
(Out in the back of Grandma's house in town there is a pasture for some horses, and if you call them they will come and you can pet them and feed them some hay Grandma's has pilled off to the side. :) I love horses!!)
He's so beautiful!Look at his baby soft eyes!!

~For more Wyoming pictures, visit Leah's post here.~

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