Saturday, September 20, 2008

The country road I've come to love ...

*~:: Well, actually, these pictures are not of the road, it's a view from the road I drive everyday to work (I pulled over this morning to take some pictures). But I love the road (and the views), and where it leads. :) I love working for this family! God has blessed me greatly with this opportunity to work with them. ::~*


Robert said...

That's a nice scenic road you get to drive! A lot of farmland too.

Do you look after the boy all day or just the mornings?

Did you do anything special for your birthday?

Ana said...

Yes, the road is wonderful! I love the country land.

And I look after the little boy only in the mornings.

Mom and Dad took me shopping for my birthday (actually, the day before my birthday). It was so fun! I got a lot of books. And then we went out to eat. Then on my birthday my brother and his wife came over for supper and then cake. It was just a fun, relaxing day.

Tiffany said...

what beautiful pictures I would love to go there!