Thursday, September 25, 2008

My Jesus prays for me

My journal entry from Tuesday night:

"... I'm having great difficulty with surrendering to the Lord the things for which He asks.
So much so that all I do is cry. I cannot find the words or thoughts for prayer.
But as the tears and sobs came tonight I was reminded that when I don't know how to pray the Spirit and Jesus, my Jesus, pray for me. What a thought! What comfort to my breaking heart!
Also, on the way to work today I looked up in the sky to see a bald eagle flying in the sky (or at least from what I could tell it was a bald eagle).
I watched as I drove and came closer to it.
Soon it was flying right above my car, with me! I could see it glide with such grace and majesty.
As I watched I could feel God tugging at my heart, whispering to me to let go, to trust, to love Him and Him alone!
Tears formed in my eyes as my heart ached ... with pain at letting go and longing to love my Jesus and my Master as I ought!
The Lord has been so faithful, so gracious, so good, and I still fight and struggle. ..."


Shelly said...

Wow Ana... this is beautiful. Your posts are always encouraging, but this one is VERY special. I have been out of the "blog world" for a few weeks, but I am making up for it tonight by checking in on all my favorites, and by posting 3 posts! Thanks again for this beautiful entry!

Charity Dawn said...

"Only to sit and think of God, Oh what a joy it is! To think the thought, to breathe the Name; Earth has no higher bliss. Father of Jesus, love's reward! What rapture will it be, Prostrate before Thy throne to lie, And gaze and gaze on Thee! I love Thee so I know not how My transports to control; Thy love is like a burning fire Within my very soul. O Spirit, beautiful and dread! My heart is fit to break With love of all Thy tenderness For us poor sinners' sake." ~Fredrick Faber~

Ana said...

Shelly and Charity~
You are the very reason I post on this blog. What wonderful encouragements in the Lord!!! The way you show me how to suffer for the Lord, to glory in His cross, to count it all joy ... that's what this blog is about (and to honor and glorify Christ) and you both are such wonderful examples of that!! So thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Anonymous said...

We are the Borg you will be assimilated resistance is futile

Ana said...

No, not the Borg. Run, run for your lives ... ahhhhh, no wait ... I ... I ... I am the Borg resistance is futile.

Ethan said...

I Don't think so