Thursday, December 18, 2008

a cold walk

The snow crunches beneath your feet, the temperature is 7 degrees above zero. The snow falls softly and gets stuck to your hat, scarf, gloves, hair, eyebrows and eyelashes. The wind makes it even colder. Little ice crystals form on your eyelashes and in your hair as the snow melts because of your breath coming up from your scarf-covered mouth. The trees sport very few leaves but are starting to get wrapped with white beauty. Every thing is starting to get covered with inches of whiteness. All is quiet as you walk. A few tracks here and there tell you that some other brave soul ventured out in the cold weather. You curl your fingers up into the palm of your hand and are very thankful for the very warm mittens that you've borrowed from your father. Your toes, legs and nose start to get cold and you quicken your pace so that you can reach your destination quickly then turn around and go home.

When you get back to the warmth of your house your legs start to tingle because of the cold. Your first thought is of warm tea and blog hopping. You unlace your boots that faithfully kept your feet warm. As you pull them off you realize that your pants (which are roll up because they are too long) have filled with snow and it's starting to melt. You pull off your hat and the snow that collected there is cold on your hand. You unwrap your scarf which leaves coldness on your neck as the snow stuck on the scarf brushes up against your neck. You wiggle out of your coat and put it away. It's good to be home ... safe, cozy and warm.


Leah said...

Haha! That makes me laugh when I think about it. :)

Miss Lila in Atlanta said...

Good Evening,
Yes home SHOULD be safe,cozy and warm. I'm so proud and thankful to the Lord that I've had a safe, cozy and warm home with my dear husband and two darling daughters and 8 wonderful grandkids.

You have a lovely weekend.

God Bless You,
Miss Lila in Atlanta

Rosebud said...

Oh, that was a really neat post! Is it really terribly cold up there right now?

Ana said...

Today wasn't terribly cold. When I left for work, around 8:20am, it was 14 degrees above zero. But it's been single digits a few days in a row. But, hey, I'm kind of used to it. :)

sydney said...

YIKES! That is COLD!!!! I don't know how you get used to it. I am so spoiled with southern California weather. We hardly know what snow is here...only sand. LOL! ;-) However, the way you described the moment was so engaging and it all sounded wonderful! :-)


Ana said...

Yes, it's cold, but I like it, and the snow, it just makes everything so much more cozy ... or at least when you're inside it's cozy. :)