Monday, December 29, 2008


* Post the six to ten things that you do on a daily basis.
*Link to the person who tagged you.
*Tag five other people.
*Leave a comment on the blog of the person that tagged you letting them know you posted this on your blog.

Melanie tagged me for this one. And I'm going to tell you right off that I'm not selecting five people to tag, I'm going to leave this one open. If you stumble across this post and want to do your own tag, please do. Maybe leave me a comment to I can see your tag. :)

Six to ten things I do each day ...
  1. Wake up
  2. Get dressed
  3. Drive to work
  4. Hold M.
  5. Love my job!
  6. Come home
  7. Love my family and home!
  8. Check the blog
  9. Check other people's blogs
  10. Teach piano
So there you go! Random, I know. But still, the rules never said anything about making any kind of sense with your ten things.

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