Friday, January 30, 2009

*~::Simply Beautiful::~*

*~Click on a picture for a close view~*


Leah said...

hm... have you figured out what size it is yet?

Rosebud said...

"I must congratulate you on your fine and very comfortable arrangements. Upon my word, it puts me in mind greatly of a small summer breakfast room at Rosings..." No, really, it's very pretty! =)

Ana said...

I think it's a single.

Your comment made me giggle. Thank you.

Robert said...

Good job! It would be nice to use on those cold nights.

Christy said...

I stumbled upon your Blog when I typed in Elizabeth Elliot's book Beautiful In God's Eyes into Google! This is a beautiful, well put together blog! I love it. Keep sharing your heart for Jesus with the world!

Ana said...

Thank you for stopping by and leaving such a kind comment! Stop by anytime!