Saturday, January 17, 2009

Another rather pointless post

So today, I woke up around 7:30am (my normal time) and had to pretty much push myself from my covers and out into the open. For some reason today I was very tired. I decided to not take my routine shower. I didn't really feel like taking a shower (and, a side note, I wasn't in the best of moods. I was a little down and my cold kind of made me feel worse). Then around 8:15-ish I walked out to my car (started by sweet little brother) and climbed inside. Off to work I went. The wind was blowing pretty hard and as the wind was blowing it blew the soft, loose snow around too, making drifts on the road. I told myself the plows would be out later to clear the roads, that I didn't have to worry about it.

Upon arrival at work I parked in my nicely shoveled "parking spot" (which is faithfully cleared away by J. Thank you J.) At work I sat, holding M., and listened to the joyful chatter and playfulness of the children! (Such fun.) But as I was tired (already mentioned) I thought I'd close my eyes for just a little rest. I nearly fell asleep peeps! Right there, on the couch at work! *gathp* (as Tigger says). I decided it wasn't a good idea to fall asleep and tried to keep myself awake. I listened to more things and enjoyed watching the children. M. has a cold and was a little fussy today. And as you know, when a little child is fussy and there's nothing you can do to calm him down, it slowly wears on you and makes you feel a little defeated.

All the while I was at work I kept my eye on the weather. I mentioned that the roads were starting to get a little drifted on the way to work and I didn't want to end up on the side of the road, unable to go anywhere on my way home. On the way to work I drive on a gravel road and there is a spot where there are two farms within walking distance of each other and the wind blew the snow around and around in between them, so much so that I couldn't really see the road and since I couldn't see the road I couldn't see the massive drift across the whole road. It slowed me down quite a bit, but I was able to get through it. A couple of hours after I got to work however Mrs. J and I decided it would be best if I headed for home, as she didn't think the plows would be out and the roads weren't getting better.

So out to my car I went. I got in, buckled my seat-belt and put Lexie (my car) in reverse. I slowly backed out of my "parking place" and soon put my care in drive. I didn't, however, "drive". I was stuck ... and there wasn't even hardly any snow! (a couple inches ... maybe. But I think what happened was that my back wheels were on ice and one of them was off a little "ledge" of ice, making me unable to get free.) After a couple minutes of trying to go back and forward, then back then forward and being unsuccessful, J appears from around their van. "Do you need help?" he asks with a smile, already knowing I was stuck and did need help. "No," I said, "I just enjoy playing around in your drive way." :)

Another couple minutes brought the arrival of Mr. J. :) With the two of them working to help me set my car free (for the third time this winter) I was soon on my way again! (Thank you Mr. J and J!! Such faithful rescue-ers you are.) Down the gravel road I went. Soon I came to the place between the two farms that I nearly got stuck at on the way to work. As I knew it was coming I tried to prepare myself for the drift. Since the wind continued to blow I still couldn't see the road in that area (but it had also blown more snow on the drifts). The first drift slowed me down, the second one nearly made me lose control of my car (I didn't though) and the third one stopped me ... completely. I was stuck. Determined not to have to call the J.'s for help a second time in not even five minutes I put Lexie in reverse and rocked it back and forth a few times, successfully freeing myself from the grasps of the rather deep drift. Wahoo!! Three cheers for Lexie!

The drive home was also very interesting. The snow blew all the way home and there were a few times I had to go into the other lane to avoid the drifts that completely covered the lane I was in. There was one time, I remember, that it was complete whiteout conditions. I couldn't see the road, I couldn't see the side of the road ... I couldn't see anything. But thankfully it lasted not even a minute and I was out of it.

Making it home, safe and sound, I ate some dinner, took some decongestants for my still stuffy nose, and laid down for a while. I don't think I ever actually feel asleep but I laid down for a while. Little brother E had a friend over this afternoon. E's friend's father told us he would pick up his son around 5:00pm. I knew that he was coming for his son but I though I would be up from my rest long before then. I wasn't. I "woke up" from my very light sleep to a knock on the door and then had to quickly sit up, fix my hair and look half-way decent and mostly alive, after throwing off the blankets that had wrapped me in warmth. I hope I managed to do so, but I'm not quite sure. :)

Now, I sit, blanket over my lap, computer on top of that. Hot chocolate sitting ready to be drunk next to the freshly filled water cup. Pizza also is ready to be eaten. A bowl of mint-chocolate chip ice cream is slowly emptying as I hold it in my hand. I think my Advil-type-ish-pill is finally kicking in and my throbbing headache is now subsiding some. My nose is stuffy, so my ears are also plugged, I'm still slightly tired and to top it all of I think there's something on my contact ... it's slightly scratchy. :)

So, why did I write this overly long, pointlessly rambling post? Because I wanted to write something on my blog, and I didn't really know what to say, so I thought I'd tell ya'll about my day, but I realize it's rather gloomy. :) So ... tell me about your day peeps. Tell me your day was much better and cheerier. :) If not, well, then I can relate. Either way, I'd love to hear from you!


Rosebud said...

I need to write on my blog too, something interesting like this. Really, I like it when you tell about what's going on with you.

Check out my blog sometime soon for an account of this past week! =)

Charity Dawn said...

You have those kind of days too? Nice. About a week ago I'm sorry to say I wasn't in the best of moods. I was making potatoes for supper and had set a whole brand new gallon of milk on my little table island. Kevin walked up and pulled it off - woosh! Almost the whole gallon on the floor. I went into histerics and Kevin was sitting there crying in a big puddle of milk. Seth asked me why I was crying and all I could say was that I was crying over spilled milk! I then started to laugh and realized how rediculous I was being!

Natalie said...

Oh, that was actually kind of funny, Ana! I'm sorry your car got stuck, but you wrote about it so amusingly. :D

I love posts like this! :D

Robert said...

I enjoy reading posts on everyday events.

Lately,the weather here has been around 7C which is 45F for highs and 0C which is 32F for lows.During December we had a couple of snow storms and several cold days.We don't usually get much snow.

Do you have a plug in for your car?

Hope you feel better soon.