Sunday, March 01, 2009

~''*''~Sunday Evening~''*''~

~Warming up water on the stove for hot tea~
~Grandma S.'s letter box, I got it after she died ... I just love it~
~Said hot tea~
~Adding more recipes to my cookbooks~
~One of the homemade candles for Mama's birthday~
~All of the homemade candles (the two pink ones are for Mama)~
~Leah finishing up sewing with her new material~
~Need I explain this one?~
~Or this one? :)~
~My new stamps, aren't they just cute?~
~Reading a friend's book~
~Blogging ... of course~~Letter writing~
~Letter writing material stash in Grandma's box~
~Listening to music on the computer~


Tricia said...

Those candles are beautiful. Something I want to learn how to do. One of these days.

Rosebud said...

Lovely pictures!