Sunday, September 11, 2011

Today ...

{List in no particular order}

*... waking up to sunshine filling my bedroom
*... wonderful fellowship and learning time at church
*... grilling after church with the family
*... time with niece and nephew {heart, heart, heart}
*... hot enough outside to turn the air-conditioning on inside, making it just chilly enough for me to wear a light sweater
*... hot tea in said air-conditioning
*... iced water in favorite glass
*... playing outside with beloved nice and nephew
*... puppies outside
*... wearing new shirts
*... wearing flower necklace
*... watching Greta walk around in my high heels
*... seeing Josiah's face light up when he smiles
*... babies falling asleep in Mommy's arms
*... tiny girl's painted toenails
*... Greta coloring with Gramma

{{What was your day today?}}


Rosebud said...

~Waking up with my husband beside me~

~Dressing in one of my new, fun, long-sleeved shirts~

~Walking through light sprinkling rain to the music building~

~Teaching piano to two little stinkers ;)~

~Accompanying Alex at his lesson and getting to hear his teacher say that it was the best lesson they've had in a long while~

~Shopping at Aldi's for groceries for our apartment~

~Driving through countryside soaked in sunshine and watched over by fluffy clouds and bright blue sky~

~Reading my Bible and catching up on blogs with a breeze coming in the windows~

That's all so far. :)

Ana said...

Oh, my goodness! Sounds absolutely wonderful! Thanks for letting me "peek" in on your wonderful day!