Sunday, November 12, 2006

A few quotes

Hello every one. I had such a wonderful day in the Lord's house with His people! And the sermon today was wonderful! I've got a few quotes I'd like to share with you from it.

"We can't understand all the events of the gospels without knowing Christ or His character."

Think about that for a minute. It's not enough to just read your Bible day by day, we must truly study it and understand it in order to find out who Christ is! Make it your goal not to just read your Bible and be done with it and never think about it the rest of the day. But dwell on what you've read. Ask yourself, "What did I learn about Christ in this passage." "What did I learn about what God deserves from this passage." If we start to ask ourselves these questions and then seek for answers we will begin to understand more and more of who He is and what He deserves.

"If we treasure Christ, we won't desire and treasure the things of the world."

I am one who truly struggles with not wanting things of the world. I struggle with not finding my pleasure and treasures in the things of the world. It's one thing to not desire the things of the world and to tell yourself they won't bring you pleasure and to make yourself not want them, but you're still going to have a desire for something, you're still going to want to treasure something. So we must move our desires from things of the world to Christ. It's not enough to stop wanting the world we must want Christ. We must fill out desires, our wants with Him. And we must also remember that we can't do it ourselves. We must ask Christ to change our desires, because if we try to do it ourselves we will fail and desire the things of the world once again. Only Christ can change our desires to desire what is right!

"When we fall we must remember it's not a permanent thing."

When you fall in your Christian walk, or when you fail to do what's right, don't give up or get discouraged. Remember, if we're truly saved and Christians, it will not be a permanent thing. It can't be! So we must call upon the name of the Lord to lift us up, as only He can do, and to set us right again. And we also must remember, that as often as we call upon His name and ask Him to help us, He never grows tired of setting us back up and on the road again. Praise and thank Him for his patience and faithfulness for and to us. Let us remember, that even though we are not always faithful, He is always faithful and shall remain faithful in spite of our faithlessness!


Paula J. Miller said...

Ana, this was such a good topic for me to see today. I too struggle with my desires for the trinkets of this world. I often remember my pastor saying "You praise what you prize." It's so true. Hmm, maybe I'll have to blog about that today myself! Thanks for a great blog that really hits the crux of the matter!

Paula J. Miller(Christian Author)

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Ana, for these reminders! I certainly deal with these things Every Day. Isn't Christ good to keep showing us where our perspective is wrong and to help us to go on instead of depair when we see more of our shortcomings? Thank you for helping to keep us accountable, Ana, and for encouraging us! God Is faithful...I am so glad!