Monday, January 22, 2007

A hawk in my backyard?

As I was laying on the couch this morning (recovering from an illness) my little brother came running into the room and said there was a hawk on my mom's birdbath. I didn't believe him right away, since we are in the middle of town. But I pushed to my feet and followed him into the kitchen to look out the window. And sure enough, I stood corrected. There was a hawk on my mother's birdbath! He was nice and big and when he flew (I was unable to capture that with the camera) his wings were huge! Here are a couple of pictures I snapped before he flew away. Isn't the Lord amazing!? I will never understand how He can make so many different kinds of birds and none of them like another!!And speaking of different kinds of birds, on Sunday I looked out the window and the Lord had brought Cardinals to our backyard! The first time that I can ever remember! They are so beautiful! In case you didn't know, the boy is the bright red one, and the girl is the one off to the left with the bright redish-orange beak! Hope you enjoyed looking at God's creation as much as I did!!!

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Katya said...

What a beautiful hawk!! Thank you for posting these pictures of God's creation. The picture of the Cardinals turned out very well, too! I love the Daddy Cardinal's bright red! I was so glad that I could see him with you the other day. Love you lots, Katie Rose