Monday, September 10, 2007

Quote on prayer

"Oh, how dissatisfied I am with myself. How I long to be like unto Him into whose image I shall one day be changed when I see Him as He is! I believe nobody understands me on religious points, for I can not and, it seems to me, need not parade my private feelings before the world ... I do dislike the present style of talking on religious subjects. Let people pray - earnestly, fervently, not simply morning and night, but the whole day long, making lives one continued prayer; but, oh, don't let them tell of, or let others know half how much the communion with Heaven is known to their own hearts. Is it not true that those who talk most, go most to meetings, run hither and thither to all sorts of societies and all sorts of readings - is it not true that such people would not find peace and contentment - yes, blessedness of blessedness - in solitary hours when to the Searcher of hearts alone are known their aspirations and their love? ... there is not enough of real, true communion with God, not enough nearness to Him, not enough heart-searching before Him; and too much parade and bustle and noise in doing His work on earth.
~From Elizabeth Prentiss' diary on January 1, 1841

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Katya said...

Lizzy is the best! I have considered the G.L.P. biography to be one of my best friends. :) I enjoy each one of her quotes.