Tuesday, December 25, 2007

*~Christmas fellowship with family~*

On Sunday we went to Katya's (my sister-in-law) parent's farm for some early Christmas time with family. It was so cozy and wonderful, I just had to share some tid-bits with you. :)
Also see Katya's and Leah's posts about Sunday.
The wonderfully beautiful colors of the napkins. :) I'm totally taken with beautiful flower-y things.The fun little plates we used for the supper snack time.Beautiful beads hang from their nifty light.Their cozy tree. I love it!Does this need explaining? :) The basket with a beautiful napkin?Okay, yes, I was totally and completely taken with the silverware/napkin "tray" that we used for the snack time that I took picture upon picture of it and its contents, as you are about to see. :) But I only shared my favorite pictures of it. So in a sense you can be thankful. :)

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