Saturday, December 01, 2007

~The tree~

We've had our tree up since the day after Thanksgiving, I just haven't posted about it. :) But now I am. So here ya go.
Yes, the tree is fake so we have to "fluff" it. And well, I guess you kind of have to pay attention to which way you're fluffing it. :) My little brother E fluffed it sideways. See the part in front of the branch that attaches to the tree? Yup, sideways. :)(Left)The tree all fluffed. (Right)The tree all decorated with beauties!

The beautiful tree skirt.
The pinecones!!

A beautiful Fairy Princess Dress, handmade by my amazing sister-in-law, Katya. :) No sewing machine. She's so amazing! I love my fairy princess dress, complete with little hanger. :)The Tag. Hehe, Kat. :)-

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