Friday, January 25, 2008

A change of plan

Hello all, from my last post you perhaps noticed that I was going to make myself a shawl with the left over yarn from the blanket. I'm no longer going to make that shawl, because after I had gotten at least five rows into it I realized something was not going right and that if I continued to make the shawl the way I was it was not going to turn out as the pattern showed. So I quit and looked for a different shawl. And look what I found!!! (You'll have to register in order to see the pattern, I'm sorry.) But hopefully you can see the picture (Right). :) It's so beautiful. I am, as you can see, going to use different colors for it, and I'm so excited. I think it's going to be so pretty.

Here is my progress so far, from tonight (in the last two hours) mind you, it isn't really that hard once you figure it out (*ahem* Thanks Mama).
The fun, beautiful flowery start to my wonderful shawl.
If you look at the picture of the shawl, (top right corner) the blue circle is the part of the shawl that I've made so far. My part is laying on it's side. The top part that goes around your neck is the right side on my flowery thing. Make sense? Know where my part fits in? :)
Look Peeps!!! Do you see this? This is what we call a "Puff Stitch". Yay, that little pillow looking thing. I'd never heard of one before and certainly never done one. So it was an experience, but it was oh, so fun!


Leah said...

Hurrah for puffs!! :) I love them! I can't wait for you to get this finished it's going to be so beautiful! I'm gonna have to steal it and wrap myself in it some time. :)

Katya said...

This will be such a lovely shawl! I am sorry that the other didn't work out for you, but I am glad that you have the opportunity to work on this one. I look forward to seeing your progress on it!

Elizabeth said...

This looks soooooo beautiful! I hope you'll post pictures when it's finished! :->

Ana said...

No worries, I will post pictures. :) I'm getting to the point where I'll have to post a picture soon, it's getting much bigger then the picture seen in this post. :) I'm so excited!

Robert said...

It looks like it will be a pretty shawl! I also liked your purple blanket.

It's always nice to have your own craftwork decorating the home.

Would you like to use the marriage banner I had under your blogger title? The person I got it from also had a Jane Austen and North and South banner.I like your new blog colours.

Ana said...

How nice to see your name on my comments list, it's been a while since I've heard from you. :)

The marriage banner that you had on your blog? Is that the one you were talking about? I'm not sure I fully understand the last part of your comment about the blog header. Sorry.

Robert said...

Yes,the marriage banner I was using.I meant if you wanted to put it where your old header was.

Have you enjoyed the Austen films so far?

I enjoy your comments too.

Ana said...

Oh, I see. :) Thank you, but I think I'm alright with my header for now, but if I change my mind, I'll be sure to let you know.

Yes, I have enjoyed the Jane Austen films. Although I wasn't to taken with Northanger Abbey, I've enjoyed the other two. Probably Mansfield
Park more then Persuasion, but maybe just different rather then more. :) I shouldn't have watched Mansfield Park when it was on because now I know how the book ends. But I'm glad I do.

Have you been watching them? What are your thoughts?