Thursday, January 24, 2008

*~Purple Beauty~*

It is finished. The purple window blanket I started on vacation!! It's so cozy. I love it. It's so soft, I've never worked with yarn as soft as this, so it was very nice.

Yesterday my poor sick Mother was wrapped up in it and she said she thought it would be rather cold because of the "windowpanes" but she said it kept her warm. And poor sick Popi needed more then just my purple window blanket to keep him warm, he had the chills all day. Poor people. But Mama says she is doing better today and I haven't gotten a report from Popi yet.

Here is the pattern I used. (You will need Javascript or some such flash player in order to open the pattern). I followed the pattern for 19 blocks, 182 chains, and 52.5". The pattern says to use the same color for the edging as used on the blanket, I, obvious from the pictures, did not, I used a lighter purple. I went around the outside of the blanket three times to get the edging you see in the pictures. The yarn I used was called "Caron Simply Soft", which is what the pattern calls for. I picked up my colors at Wal-mart. If your Wal-mart does not have the colors you want, I'm sure they could order them for you. If not, look on line for them. The colors I used were: dark="Grape", light="Orchid". It is a fun blanket to make and an easy pattern to follow.

With my extra yarn I'm going to make a shawl, so I can feel Jane Austen-ish. Even though they didn't usually wear the triangular shawls I'm going to make myself one anyway. They usually wore the long (rectangular) shawls. Just the same I'm excited about a beautiful Flowery (Filet) shawl.


Charity Dawn said...

How lovely Ana! Isn't it so fun to cuddle in a blanket that has so much effort put into it? I'm working on a baby sweater for my Aunt and am thinking I need to make Kevin one now too!

Ana said...

How fun it was to come on here and see your name on my comments. :) Thank you. And yes, I love to cuddle in blankets that take so much time and effort. :)

Aww, baby sweaters would be so much fun!! :) I'll have to check up on you later to see how they are going. Thanks again for dropping by.

Elizabeth said...

Ooh ... I like it! :-> I love home-made throws and afgans!

Ana said...

I love home-made afghans and such as well. I've made a number of them, both for myself and others as well. :) I love the way they looked stacked in my closet, it's a cozy look.

Lydia Grace said...

Wow, you are so good at what you do!!! I don't have the patience to knit or crochet, so what you've done is simply amazing!

Ana said...

Lydia Grace~
Thank you for your comment. :) How nice to see a new "face" on my comment list.

It's really not that hard to crochet (I've tried knitting, but that doesn't go very well for me), but I guess if you enjoy doing it, which I do VERY much, you just put up with the time, errors and such that it takes to do it.