Friday, May 23, 2008

It's been a busy last few days

On Tuesday my Grandma S. and Popi went to Grandma's doctors appointment. The Dr. said that Grandma could be on her own again. So Grandma S. said that she would like to go home Wednesday morning because my Grandma and Grandpa F. from Wyoming were coming on Wednesday and Grandma S. thought it would be easier that way.

So Wednesday morning we packed Grandma S.'s things into her car and Popi drove her while I followed with my car so I could drive Popi back home. We got her settled back in her home and she seems to be doing much better. Praise the Lord for His gift of healing!

Wednesday afternoon Grandma and Grandpa F. came. I had just enough time after they came to grab a few things from my room and straighten a little bit. I am pleased to say that Leah and I got my closet (full of Leah's things and my things) cleaned out mostly before they got there and I had a few things to put away before they got completely "moved in". I drug my stuff up to Leah's room to return the favor of her in my room for two weeks. :) But I was only in her room for two nights. :)

Yesterday Leah and I went to watch some kids for a family in church who had to take a couple of their kids to the hospital (for sickness and other things). So we were gone from about 8:30am to about 3:45pm. When we got home we got to see new counter tops! We knew the men would be coming to put them in while we were gone. They look so wonderful (I'll be doing a kitchen before and after post some time).

Grandma and Grandpa left this morning so I've been putting my things back in my room and Leah's been doing the same to her room, not having a lot of time after Grandma S. left to the time I "moved in", a couple hours to be exact. :)

I also have only one more lessons until school lessons are done. Then I have a week off and then summer lessons start up in June. I'm looking forward to the little break but I'm excited about summer lessons too, I just LOVE teaching piano!

So there ya have it peeps. A short up-date from my last few days. There will be a wonderfully helpful post coming in the near future about how NOT to get ladder ball balls out of a tree and why not to get them stuck up there in the first place (boy if I had been privileged enough to read about how difficult it would have been I wouldn't have gotten them stuck up there in the first place.). :) You won't want to miss this, I assure you.


abigail said...

This is jolly uncomfortable, I'm dying of suspence! Bring on the ladder ball story!! :D

Robert said...

Glad to hear that your grandma is doing better.

After all that moving around,you and your sister will enjoy having your own rooms to yourselves again!

Do you have any of the piano books of Jane Austen music?

I'm looking forward to that post on ladder ball balls!

abigail said...

On with the ladder ball story!!!!! Do you wish me to perish from suspence??? ;)

Ana said...

At this very moment, as I write this, I'm opening another tab to write the ladder ball story. :) Coming very, very soon.

I have the new P&P music but that's it, but I love playing them. They are so beautiful!

Ana said...

I just now realized how long it is going to take to load all the movies on. So I'm working on them, but it may not make it on the blog until tomorrow or so.

mistake prone abigail said...

lol :) I actually didn't mean for both those impatient comments to get on here, when I did the first one my computer froze so I figured it hadn't "gone through." Sorry ;)

Ana said...

Actually I found it rather comical that you left me two. :)