Friday, May 09, 2008

Well ... then again, maybe not

So, I thought I'd be able to get back into blogging this week but I guess not.

Grandma got out of the hospital on Wednesday but the doctor said she is not to live by herself so she came to live with us. She will be with us for a while, I'm guessing. She is not able to do many of the things she used to. We are to take care of all her food, all her medicine, helping her walk, driving for her, etc.. We've made many trips to the doctor for check ups and many trips to Grandma's house so she could get her things to move into our house for a while. She's doing much better, but she's still not 100% yet.

Generally my room is the guest bedroom but since Grandma doesn't do stairs very well, (I live in the basement) Leah moved down to my room while Grandma is here. So that's a slight adjustment as well, (especially at night, because she steals all of the blankets, then I freeze and I'm not used to having the covers taken from me :) ).

Also, the cold I mentioned before has officially set in. Not just on me, but on my whole family. I hope Grandma doesn't come down with it.

So I've been tired, and with Grandma here we've been adjusting to different things, as she has also been doing.

I just wanted to give you an up-date on my life, since I haven't written for a while. Also I wanted to thank you all for leaving comments on my last post about Grandma, thank you for your kind words!!


Charity Dawn said...

I'll be praying for your Grandma and for you and your family as you minister to her needs.

abigail said...

Best wishes and prayers for your Grandma!! She is blessed to have a family like ya'll willing to take care of her, it breaks my heart when people pop their parents/grandparents into nursing homes when they are ill just because taking personal care of them would be "inconvenient."

I can empathize with Leah, I fear I'm a cover hog too; except that instead of rolling up in it, I sleep on top of it! I'm always hot. But my sister is always cold and it drives her nuts when she's freezing but most of the cover is stuck under me ;D

Ana said...

Thank you for your prayers! They are greatly appreciated!

We couldn't put her in a nursing home! How awful! My father can't be at peace with that. And it's not that hard to have her here, a little change here and there but over all it's just fine!

Ahhhh, Leah will be very happy to know that you also hog the covers. :) I shall tell her.

Natalie said...

That's great that you guys are able to help your grandma out like that! :) My grandparents live right next door to us, and while they're not to the point of needing much physical help, we've been able to help them with some things and will be able to help them more as they need.

Hmm...cover-hogging...I shared a bed with one of my cousins while we were on vacation last year. I'm not used to having to fight for my covers, but I think she and I just kept pulling the covers back and forth all night! :D I'd get myself a nice bit of blanket, and then feel it being pulled back the other way. :p So all in all it was pretty even. :)

Ana said...

We're hoping to get her settled somewhere close so we can go over and help her with whatever is needed or just to visit.

I think I'm learning how to keep the covers on my side of the bed. The first couple nights I woke up in the morning, rather cold, and found that my side of the blanket was what Leah was using to cover herself and that her side of the blankets were on the floor on her side. ;) Oh well. I kept some blankets for myself last night, so that was good.

Tiffany said...

Make sure you take care of you and your family! Your blogging family will be ok! :) We will miss you, we will also be praying for you!!

Ana said...

How sweet and kind of you!! You made my day! I'm so glad you understand and I think you over and over for your prayers!