Tuesday, June 03, 2008

~A piano to call my own!~

It's here!! It came!!! It's in my living room. I just played my Beethoven Presto movement on it!! It's wonderful!!! It sounds beautiful!!!! It's mine!!!!

As a way to help me with teaching, and to support me in teaching, and to prepare me for when I have my own home, my parents lovingly bought me a piano. Yes, I'm helping to pay for it, but it's something that they've been wanting to do for a while, according to my Mama!! I'd never even thought of having a piano and God wonderfully provided one for me! It's a Kawai 47" piano. It was made in 1994. :) And it's wonderful!!! In case you didn't already know that. And I'm happily playing my heart out!! :) Mama and Popi still have their piano, obviously, so we put them back to back in the living room. :) It's a little bit smaller in there now, but hopefully it won't be that way forever, like when I get married (if I get married) and move out. But look at the beauties!!!!!! :) I JUST LOVE IT!!!

The piano on the right is Mom and Dad's, so you might have guessed the piano on the left is mine!! That's Mommy playing my piano, just trying it out. And I haven't the slightest idea what the dog is doing. *Shrugs* Just sitting there I guess. Oh well.Mommy, still playing the piano.


Robert said...

That was a nice surprise! Looks beautiful.

abigail said...

Oh Ana! How exciting!! The thrill of a new piano is unique, isn't it. My piano is a Kawai too, a small grand! My older brother in the military bought it for us while he was in Iraq 2 yrs. ago! Before, we'd had a 1920's upright that clicked and squeaked and wouldn't stay in tune. We'd prayed for a good piano for years, just couldn't afford one. And then we heard of this piano for sale for a very reasonable price, but we still couldn't afford to spend that much. When my wonderful brother heard about it, he bought it with his savings! So I can empathize with your great happiness! :) Congrats!

Katya said...

How exciting! I am looking forward to coming over and seeing it. :)

Ana said...

Thank you, it is beautiful, and it was a wonderful surprise!!

How wonderfully our Lord works. I'm so happy you have a wonderful piano!! I would gladly have gotten a grand, but I do not have the money for one either. :) So I'll love this one and it will be my baby until the Lord sees fit (if He sees fit) for me to have a different piano.

Yes, come to my house and see it. :) It's so wonderful!!!

Ashleigh said...

How beautiful! I well remember the day I got my very own piano.

And YAY for a Kawaii!!! :D

Ana said...

I think I shall never forget that day. I was so happy and still am!