Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Strawberry Picking

Yesterday I picked the strawberries while Mom and Dad were gone getting groceries. I haven't picked strawberries in a while so it was rather fun. I'd forgotten how well the little strawberries "hide", sometimes I went over an area three or four times and still found strawberries each time. It took a while but it was fun to be out in the sun and listening to my music. I also had Keda, the dog, out with me too. :) (To see the pictures better, please click on them.)

**~~**My little strawberry picking towel, the music, and the strawberry bowl. The pink towel was Keda's because she had taken over mine, so I got her her own. :)~~The picking begins.~~Sweet Keda. Near the end of the strawberry picking I looked for her and could see her leash but I couldn't see her, so I called her and she promptly appeared from under the peony plant/bush. :) Silly girl.**~~**

**~~**The strawberry patch, can you see the strawberries? ... Me either. :)~~How 'bout now? Can you see it yet? I can ... because I took the picture. ;)~~And now? Surely you can see Mr. red-headed strawberry now.**~~**

**~~**Peek!! I told you I knew were he was. :)~~Beautiful red strawberry happily growing under the protective shade cover of the big strawberry, clover-like leaves.~~And yet another happy strawberry.**~~**

**~~**AHHHHH!!!!! I'm bleeding, I'm bleeding, I ... squashed a strawberry when I knelt on it. :) But I was a little shocked at first.~~All the strawberries I picked. Waiting to be cleaned.~~Getting cleaned and waiting for the tops to be taken off and for the strawberry to be cut in half (some where so big I cut them in fourths!).**~~**

**~~**The finished product. I covered them with sugar and left them for about an hour until we had strawberry shortcake! Yumm!**~~**


Tiffany said...

There is nothing like fresh strawberries!! Especially on short cake!!! Yum yum!!

Ana said...

Strawberries are like the taste of summer. I love them; I love the way they taste, I love the way they smell, the way the look, the way they feel when you pick them ... I just love them!

Robert said...

Looks good! Did you make the short cake?

Strawberries are also yummy when dipped in chocolate!

Ana said...

I didn't personally make the shortcake this time but it's just our biscuit recipe which I use when I'm cooking. So I can make it, but I didn't this time. Mama did.

Man, I should totally do the chocolate dipped thing. I just never think about it. :)

Robert said...

I had noticed that your recipes are usually meals while Leah's are desserts.

I'm sure everyone would like the chocolate strawberries!

Ana said...

Yes, Leah loves to make desserts where as I love to make main meals. I do enjoy baking though, but main meals are my thing. :) People can't eat desserts all the time.