Wednesday, June 04, 2008

The Simple Woman's Daybook

FOR TODAY *~ June 4th ~*

Outside My Window... the sun is warmly falling down upon the strawberry plant leaves, it is dancing and shining on the birdbath water and is gently gracing the little male goldfinch that has ended his search for food on the bird feeder.

I am thinking... about the time when the Lord blesses me with my own home, when He blesses me with a husband to love, cherish and adore.

I am thankful for... all that the Lord provides and how wonderfully He provides it, even when we hadn't even thought of asking for it. (Can any one guess what I'm thinking about?) :)

From the kitchen... fresh baked Brown Sugar Crackle cookies. Yummm. And supper: Texas Hash.

I am wearing... an old, comfy t-shirt, faded and worn bluejeans, fuzzy pink and purple socks that are tucked safely inside my faithful black clogs. Comfort itself!

I am creating... this post and hoping it is satisfactory to all who choose to stop by. :)

I am going... to church to night. To spend time learning the Word the Lord has graciously given us and to spend time fellowshipping with believers in conversation and in prayer before the throne of grace.

I am reading... Pride and prejudice and loving every moment of it. Jane Austen has such a way of capturing ones attention.

I am hoping... (and praying) that one day I will be the wife, mother and homemaker the Lord has called us as women to be. What a joy to wake up every morning and know that I'm doing just what the Lord created me to do!

I am hearing... the birds chirping happily outside, the cars that drive by and the oven heating up as it cooks supper.

Around the house... is the cozy atmosphere my Mother works so hard and faithfully to create, and is wonderfully doing so.

One of my favorite things... being bare foot in a long skirts outside in the sunshine with the grass between my toes as I look at my roses.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week: to continue teaching summer lessons, get ready for the MMTA convention, deep clean my room, go through some piano books.

Here is picture thought I am sharing... (Well, actually two.) new iris bloom with sparkly petals
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Shelly said...

Ana, What a beautiful day that must have been! I just finally created a blog. It is very plain as I am not so good with technology, but you will have to check it out! Congrats on the new beautiful piano!

Ana said...

Whahoo for a blog!!! Thank you for the comment. I will certainly check out your blog!