Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Beauty that brightens my day!

*~::Greta Rosie feet!!!::~*
*~::Finally, a clothes line!! Remember what we used before?::~*

*~::The most beautiful bowl in the world!! I got it at the secondhand store. Its ripples make me so happy. The color makes me smile. I put it in my hope chest and look longingly for the day when I can use it. Mama bought one exactly like it so I can pull hers out of the cupboard and smile at it. :) ::~*


Lady Heather said...

Oh, those feet are so kissable! :P

Natalie said...

That's a nice clothesline! I wish the air was cleaner around here...I hung out a load of towels on our clothesline the other day and remembered why we stopped using it. The towels all smelled like the outdoors...and not in a good way. :P Bother. :(

Oh, your niece is named Greta...that name must be more popular than I realized. That's the second small Greta I've come across.

Ana said...

Lady Heather~
They are so very kissable! But then, every single part of her is. :) And I make sure every time I see her to give her Auntie kisses. :)

Oh, how sad not to be able to hang clothes out on the line. We haven't had one for YEARS! Now I remember how much I miss it and how happy I am to have it! :)

Lady Heather said...

Thank you for your sweet comment Ana, about my blog! I've been fixing it up alot lately seeing all these other beautiful sites, next to your own! You were one of my inspirations! :D

Ana said...

Oh, Lady Heather, you are so sweet!

Natalie said...

I forgot to say I like that bowl too! Very neat! :)

Katya said...

I am so glad that you guys have a clothesline again! I love mine so much. When we stopped by last Sat. to see the range hood I saw the clothesline. You could put a lot of clothes on that one rack! Woo hoo.
The bowl is amazing! I can't wait to see it. What total fun to use. It looks like water in a clear, blue sea. Deelish.
I see you've been notebooking (as always!); the pages are so lovely. I must take some time to do that. It is so rechargifying to make a lovely notebook page. :)

Ana said...

You sweety! You leave another comment to tell me you like the bowl. :) How kind! Thank you. I very, very, very, very, ... yeah, much love that bowl!!!

Yes, the clothesline is the BEST!!! I love looking out the window and seeing things blow in the wind! It's so ro-tic!
And you should come to my house to see things on the clothesline, to see the bowl and to be "recharfifyed" with a girl day, bring lots of notebooks and beautiful pictures. We shall have tea and scones and lots of kissing Greta. :)

Robert said...

Greta is cute! She also wears pretty dresses too.Did your sil make them?

Nice looking clothes line.It's nice to be able to hang clothing outside.Here's a link to a brief article related to that

That bowl is unique looking! Would you bake something in it or use it to store fruit?

Ana said...

Greta is VERY cute. :) And yes, Kat likes to dress her in dresses. :) But the dresses were store bought, I believe. :)

Thank you for the link as well!

And the bowl is more of a fruit, salad, serving bowl. I'd be a little too scared to bake something in it. :)

Charity Dawn said...

I'm sure you are just the bestest Auntie! I love the bowl!

Ana said...

It's not hard to be an Auntie to such a cutie-pie. :) She is just the cutest!!