Thursday, July 03, 2008

Edwardian Apron

My new and improved necklace ... or necktie. :) Swavy huh?

Leah was sewing while I was pinning and then we'd switch. :)

Hello little sweet-y! She's so cute!!


Katya said...

It's bee-yew-tee-ful! I love the fabric and how it turned out with the maroon edging.
I HAVE to make myself and Mama another one. 'Duh' on buying the bias tape.
Enjoy using your apron! These are THE BEST.

Katya said...

Oh yeah ... and your necktie is so classy! It should be the new look.


Ana said...

Yes, you have to make new aprons. :) And bias tape is so easy! You should try it! :) I love it!

Yes, I'll have to start a new fashion. :)

Elizabeth said...

It's lovely! :) Yay!! How do you feel when you wear it?!? Beautiful and elegant, I'm guessing! It's soooooo nice ... ! :)

Tiffany said...

Your apron turned out so cute!!! Love the colors! :)

Ana said...

It IS(!!) fun to wear. It's full enough that it swishes when I walk. I love wearing it! I feel old-fashioned and ready to work. :) It's the best!

Thank you! I love the colors, too. Actually the pink that I used was an old full-sized bed sheet that I bought at the secondhand store. :) Amazing what you can do with old sheets. :)

Robert said...

A nice apron! I like the design and colour.

Cooking/baking is not the same without an apron though wearing them are not as common these days.

Your post reminded me of a poem I came across a while back.It's from adaughterathome blog and I posted it below as you might enjoy it.

My Mother's Apron
by Marie Marshall

My mother wore an apron,
A clean one every day.
A part of daily living,
It served in many ways.
When she hung the wash to dry,
Her pockets held the pins.
The apron was a washcloth
That cleaned our dirty chins.
When days were hot and humid,
'Twas used to mop her brow.
When hands were wet from laundry,
The apron was a towel.
Her pocket hid a needle
To sew the rips we'd get.
In mother and her apron
Our many needs were met.
Sometimes it was a basket
For eggs or baby chicks.
A bag for garden bounty
And apples that she picked.
At suppertime the apron
Protected Mother's hands,
When taking bread from oven
Or lifting lids from pans.
It was a fan in evening
To shoo away the flies.
But the apron's greatest use --
To wipe tears from childish eyes.

Ana said...

Thank you! I wear my apron for whatever I can. It's just fun to wear! And yes, they are very, very uncommon. I was watering my roses yesterday, making my sister an apron and helping my little brother make "Elephant Ears" (which are kind of like a cookie) so I put on my apron. When I was helping Ethan it protected my clothes, when I watered I wiped my hands on it to dry them. So I just left it on all day. But our neighbor across the street gave me a strange, long stare when I walked down the sidewalk to change the water on my roses. :)

And THANK YOU for the poem. I LOVE it!!! How kind of you to share it with me! Thank you!

Shelly said...

Oh Ana,
That Apron is simply wonderful! All of my aprons go around the top of the neck and I feel the weight of them as I wear them. As I look at this one is seems SO comfortable and great for your your shoulders and back!
Yes, they are very uncommon, but I wouldn't pay to much care to what the neighbors think... esp the ones next door ;) I really and glad that you are finding reasons to wear it more than just in the kitchen! Do you wear it even with pants or capris? If so, is it strange to wear with them?
I am looking forward to seeing you in a little over a month. I will try to remember my necktie material so you can show me how to make the ties that are all the rage!!!!

Ana said...

Yes, they are so comfortable! I can't stand to wear the ones that go around your neck for very long. Just because they do, like you said, feel heavy after a while.

Sweet Shelly. I laughed when I read that part you wrote about "the neighbors next door". :) Fear not, I was not referring to your parents. They are always sweet and kind, just like you. :) No, I was referring to someone else ... actually, I don't think he was my neighbor, I think he was just visiting my neighbors.

Oh yes, I wear them with everything! I'm wearing pants right now! They are totally comfortable with whatever you wear! You should make one! They are so easy. Even I can do it. :)

Oh, I can't wait to see you!! I'm very excited! :) And I'll try to help you with your necktie, but I'm not the one to refer to, believe me. :)

Mandy said...

Wow!! It's neat to see all those pattern pieces work together to make an apron! It looks lovely!!

Ana said...

Thank you for the comment. Thanks for dropping by, too. :) Yes, it's so neat to see how it all comes together.

Lucy said...

I love your apron.It's so feminine.