Thursday, February 19, 2009

books ... books ... books ... and not enough room ... until now

So ... I love books ... anyone who knows me knows this to be a fact. But, not only do I love books, I love getting books as well. :) So, as a bookshelf can only hold so many, I had started to stack them on top of each other and in a box, and on top of each other in the box. It was then that I decided to buy another book shelf. So we have before and after pictures.

Notice all the books stacked on the shelves and on other books? (click on any picture for a closer look.)
Ahh ... the box. See the duck tape? It was coming apart because of the weight ... poor faithful box.
The closet (where I put the new bookshelf) before.
See all the stacks are gone? :) And the box is gone too! Hurrah!
The new bookshelf ... so pretty.
The new bookshelf ... again.
Yes, even after I set it all up I acquired even more books and had to rearrange again! :) I just love how it looks and holds Every. Single. One. Of. My. Books!!


Melanie said...

*squeals* Oh, I love it I love it I love it! Can I come over and spend a couple hours in front of your bookshelf? :-P
Can you tell I love books too? ;-)
All very nicely arranged too. :-)

Ana said...

Melanie~ Yes!! Come to my house!! :)

And yes, I got the slight impression that you like books too. :)

Charity Dawn said...

Hee! It is always so exciting to find that extra needed space ~ especially for books. Boxes just don't seem to do the trick. Now you can FIND your books! It looks so much nicer too!

Pure Little Ladies Ministry said...

And I thought *I* had a lot of books!! *jaw drops in awe*


Miss Toria

Rosebud said...

Looks lovely, Ana!

Tiffany said...

You have got a ton of books! The after looks GREAT!!!!! You did a great job!!

Elizabeth said...

I'm just about to write a letter to you, dear - so I'll save my comments for that, okay?!? :)

Elizabeth said...

P.S. Your books look beautful now! :)

Ana said...

I can't wait for my letter! Wahoo.

Elizabeth said...

:) It's all written and ready to go in the mail! :)