Monday, February 02, 2009

In which we learn the importance of DRYING one's hair ...

... before venturing out in freezing temperatures.

Up at 6:45am this morning. Jumped in the shower. Took too long in the shower and realized I had to be out the door in like ten minutes. Due to the hairdryer being kidnapped in someone's suitcase I was unable to dry my hair in the manner which I usually do. A lot of squeezing my hair with the towel proved insufficient for drying so I just left it ... as I already mentioned I was behind.

As I was throwing my coat on, I checked to make sure my siblings were waking up before I ran out the door. I didn't, however, check the temperature. I'm used to cold temperatures so I wasn't worried about it. I ran out to my car, started it, then ran over to Leah's car and started it too so it would be warm when she came out (her car sits just across the driveway from mine). In the amount of time it took me to run to my car from the house, across the driveway, then back to my car I could feel my hair starting to get hard ... almost like it was freezing. I've never actually frozen my hair so I wasn't worried.

I could feel my hair starting to form clumps of hardness, due to cold temperatures (my car said it was 9 above zero but I think it was more like 6 or 7 above, plus the wind was blowing, making it freezingly cold). As it was cold and I was tired, I wanted some coffee (but since I had to run out of the house you may have guessed that I didn't have time to make myself some). So I decided to stop at the gas station (I had around 5 before I had to be out of town). I figured since I would be seeing other people I should at least look half way decent, so I decided to brush my hair to "unclump" it.

Pulling the brush from my purse I brushed my hair and then was going to put it down (the brush, not my hair) on the seat next to me and get out of the car. But as I was setting it down (the brush peeps, not my hair) I noticed that my brush (black and dark purple) had white in the bristles. Unusual ... I don't have dandruff and it was a lot of white and all stuck together in one spot. As I lifted it to examine it more I noticed it was frost!! Like snow-y, ice-y frost-y! In my brush! It took me a second to realize that it was from my hair ... my hair had frozen and when I brushed it out it got stuck in my brush. I looked down at my seat and steering wheel and it looked like it had snowed in my car! :) It was weird!

I shook my head in wonder and got out of the car (after check myself in the mirror to make sure my hair wasn't white ... it wasn't). As I walked (actually more like ran because it was cold!) into the gas station I couldn't help but smile and nearly giggle thinking that this must be why your mother tells you not to go out in the cold with wet hair. :) Okay, okay, I know that's not why, but still ... it makes good sense.


Rosebud said...

Frozen hair? Hm...I think I will choose to learn by example and NOT go outside in the cold when my hair is wet. :D

Natalie said...

Oh my, I was cracking up about it looking like it snowed!! :D That is hilarious! I hope you got your hair thawed eventually though. ;)

Connie said...

Oh, so sorry, you'll have to check with those on the other side of town, I think they may have one you could borrow. But it was pretty funny.

Charity Dawn said...

Hee! Now you know how to make it snow!

Melanie said...

That's funny, Ana!! :-D A lesson for us all... ;-)

Elizabeth said...


P.S. I'm sorry ... I'm still working on your letter! :)

Sydney said...

I never knew it was possible to freeze one's hair. You have a very amusing way of penning a story. LOL! ;) Thanks for making me chuckle.

Shalom! :)

P.S. That's really sweet that you'd warm up Leah's car for her...I know some people who wouldn't dream of doing such a nice thing for their sister. :)

Steve n Vickie said...

Ha, ha ... that happened to me a couple times at Northland :D I must say I am enjoying living where the snow melts and everything warms up again. It snowed last night and was melted by noon. Its so strange to be trying to convince the kids to wear a jacket at least in the middle of the winter.
Stay warm!!!