Thursday, May 21, 2009


This is what I saw in my backyard this afternoon. A mama turkey and a little baby!!! :) It's not uncommon for us to have wild turkeys in the backyard because there is a farm on the edge of town, but I've never seen a poult (baby turkey) before. And it was making the cutest "peep, peep" noises!! It was just cute!


Anderson family said...

Awwwww, that is sooo cute!!!! I love baby animals, they're just so adorable!!:D


KinaBolina said...

Wild turkeys! Gobble, gobble... :) Too cute, that little one is.
xoxo Caroline

Jason A. Hunsicker said...

Oh wow...that's cool!

I Love seeing Turkeys. I can't believe that Ben Franklin wanted it to be our national bird!

I guess it's a pretty resourceful bird, but it doesn't really strike fear like the fearsome Bald Eagle.

Great pics by the way!

Melanie said...

How cute!!!!

Charity Dawn said...

How cute! Funny, I just saw a turkey in our yard the other day too, ~ but to see the little baby too? How fun!

Leah said...

Hey... that looks like the same bird that I chased down the alley yesterday... do you happen to live close to me? :) In the last picture the turkey looks like a deer with a headlight. :P

Ana said...

No man, I have no idea where you live ... I live in downtown Coolsville, population ... me. :)

And yes, the turkey does look like a deer with a headlight. I didn't see that before. That's funny.