Saturday, May 23, 2009

More moments

The lone set of leaves.
The leaves again.
Me, mowing the church lawn.
Ethan, mowing the church lawn.
Sunset on the pond. Ethan, Leah and I went to the park to play catch with a baseball and the little pond is there at the park.
Sunset again.
And again, but not on water this time. *wink*
My "bouquet" I picked off of the parks lilac bushes on my walk home from the park. I walked by myself, Leah and Ethan drove her car, but it was a nice evening and it was fun to walk.
"Bouquet" again. They smell simply de-lish!!!! I love lilacs!!


Shelly said...

What lovely summer photos!!!! I think what struck me is how BIG your little brother is... WOW!!! He looks like an adult, how did time go so quickly? By the way, I really appreciated your conversation with the child at work. God sure opens doors for conversations all of the time!!!

Rosebud said...

The lilacs and sunset pictures are lovely! The leaves poking out the side of the tree are picturesque. =)

Sorry I haven't been on in a while. I was trying to get the title of the song you were playing out of Leah last night, but I still didn't quite catch it, except that it's by sounded really good!!

Ana said...

You're sweet. :) Thank you. The song I was practicing was Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata, the 3rd movement. I think I sent you a youtube link one time. :)