Thursday, September 02, 2010


Beware: Loads and loads of pictures.  If you only want to see before and after pictures look at the first few and then scroll all the way down to the end (this will allow you to skip the "getting there" process).

The beginning
The black is the remnant of the "carpet", as some people called the felt squares glued to the bottom of this little door space and the bottom of the drawers! Whose idea was that anyway?!
See the big gaps in the wood? They don't last too long. *Smile*
All moldy. Yuck.
Yeah, this needed replaced.
The drawer on the left shows the "carpet".  And don't you love how the drawer-pulls don't actually match. It's the new thing ... or not.

The "beautiful" color is just too much for me! *Ahem* What is this color anyway? Again, who had this wonderful idea?


Yes, I work barefoot.  What can I say?
But apparently I'm not the only one working barefoot. *wink*
The drawers no longer have bottoms.
See the razor marks? Someone attacked the top of the poor little wash table.
Look, the grand canyon! Oh, I mean, just the gap in the top of the table.
Spraying on the paint stripper stuff.
The spray ...
... The result!
Filling the gaps.  Yay!
Wahoo!!! Paint time!  It was the part that I couldn't wait for.  I kept asking, "Can I paint now?"
The first coat all done.
My fancy ear-ware Daddy put on me while he cut the wood for the bottom of the drawers with the table saw.
Said cutting process.
New door space.
All the drawers have bottoms again.
All painted white.


The end!
And of course I had to show ya'll what it looks like in my room!
And of course with the lights on. *smile*

So there you have it! I hope you enjoyed the pictures!


Melanie said...

Oh my goodness!! What a transformation! That is amazing! Isn't it wonderful to take something old and beat-up and make it like new again? I haven't tried something like that before, but I have done it with dolls and it is so rewarding to see them look fresh and new again!
Thanks for the pictures!

Becca said...

It looks very lovely in your room! And I like seeing loads of pictures of it too =)

Ana said...

Melanie~ It is so wonderful. :) Very rewarding. ;)

Becca~Good, I'm so glad I'm not the only one who likes looking at lots of pictures. ;)

Katya said...

What a happy, happy thing! It's such a lovely little wash stand. I am so glad that you rescued it. I look forward to seeing it in person. :)

Jason A. Hunsicker said...

Wow! It looks nice! Oh, and that's an ESV on it in your room isn't it? I did a lot of shopping online for a pocket sized ESV, and I saw that one while I was looking.

Ana said...

Katya~ Yes, come to my house! Come to see it! :)

Jason~ Your comment made me smile. Yes, it is an ESV. Because of its size it's generally the one I carry and use, so it's a bit worn, and it's probably the one that's the most colorful from all the highlighting. But I love it! :) It's just one of the 3 Bibles that reside in my room.

Rosebud said...

Adorable, Ana!!! It's so cute!!!!! :D

Nikki said...

It looks very nice. You and your dad did a good job. said...

Nice job!


Kelly said...

Beautiful Ana! I love painting and stuff! I remember when we painted the outside of our house I helped! I was only nine yrs old too! I've been painting with my daddy since I was little!!!!!!

Natalie said...

Very cute! :)
And it was a really nice little piece of furniture, under all the bad paint and cracks.