Monday, September 13, 2010


So, you ever have those days when things are going great and then you fall flat on your face and all you can do is run ... or more like crawl ... to Jesus and cry before Him?  Yeah ... *sigh* ... me too ...
One view from the swing in which I sat.
The other view from the swing.
The swing. :)
Then I moved to the dock.
The clover flower I saved from the bees ... which has now been put into my journal.
*Sighs* I just love my Bible ... inside and out!
Some leaves I found in the garden while working on my roses the other day, they too are now in my journal.
Little piece of Lavender that rests safely by Psalm 145, reminding me each time I see it that I love (!!) Psalm 145.
One (of many) reason I love Psalm 145 ... verse 13 and 14.


Melanie said...

Thank you Ana-- this was a beautiful post. You have been used by the Lord to re-set MY focus on Him this evening. Thank you so much, sweet sister in Christ! <3

Ana said...

Melanie, faithful Melanie! You're always one of the first (if not the first) to comment on my blog and your words bring me such joy. I'm glad God chose to use my pictures and words to help you focus on Him!

Bethany A. said...

Thank you so much for this post, Ana! Yesterday was one of those days for me...and now, thank you for reminding me to re-focus! It's what I did and am doing now! :)
God bless you!!

Jason A. Hunsicker said...

I love those times alone with God. And like Melanie, I also very much appreciate this post. It has definitely reset my focus! Thank you for posting it!

Katya said...

I love Psalm 145 too! Rosie and I are memorizing it these days. She comes in on several words of the first couple of verses so far and the "forever and ever" of the last one, but we're still working on the several in between. :) Someday if we ever do finish it, she'll have to say it to you. <3

Crista "Moriah" said...

Beautiful post...I love to spend time alone like that with's a great way to get to know Him more. :D

I'm new to your blog..and I love it!

Have a blessed week!

In Christ,

Anonymous said...

This is my first time here.

This was a beautiful post. I LOVE the cover on your bible, as well as all the other lovely pictures that you shared. :)


-Lady Rose

Nikki said...

I like verse 17. It is especially close to my heart. :)