Wednesday, September 08, 2010


My new cup! It's so beautiful!
Favorite potholder.
Making cookies this morning.
I love candles.
Need I say anything?
New plaid sheets, bought for me by Sister!
Sparkle-y lights on my bedroom wall.
Cozy socks ... love these, too.
Bible reading and journaling.
From Romans.
Hebrews 4:16 ... also on my bedroom wall.
Love this colored chalk.  It's so much fun to write with.
Starting piano lessons again.
Sun-drying sheets.
Part of my lawn furniture set.
Roses! Poor abandoned things.  Today was the first time I'd done anything with them (trimming, weed, etc.) in over a month. :(
The same. :)
Morning Glory.
Hammock swing.  I have great affection for this thing, too. :)
Mom and birthday boy!
Making real whipped cream ...
... almost done ...
... done.
Mama's new magazine!
Birthday bro.
Sunlight through cotton curtains!


Melanie said...

Wonderful pictures, Ana! Everything is just so beautiful! You're amazing!

Ana said...

Melanie~ You make my day. :) Thank you!

Caroline said...

Awesome post!

...I love cozy socks too. :)

xoxo Caroline

Jason A. Hunsicker said...

Did you name that one flower Edith? Or is that some name of a flower I've never heard of before? If you named it...that's really cool. It sounds like something my sister would do.

Ana said...

Yes, I did name Edith. :) I do tend to name my roses at times. It may sound familiar because I fb it one time.

Fred & Leon said...

Just out of curiosity: Are you girls that naturally beautiful without make-up? Because if so, I'll try real hard to not be jealous. ;)


Ana said...

Haha Emily. You make me laugh. :)

Natalie said...

Lovely, lovely photos! :)

Do you happen to have that chocolate chip cookie recipe anywhere? I'm trying to find a dependable one (mine won't come out the same from batch to batch) and those look delicious!

Fred & Leon said...

Well, I got a comment from you saying that neither of you were wearing makeup in these pictures, but I think that it has disappeared... :) I do want to clear up the fact that I think you are both beautiful without makeup, but I was wondering if you were wearing any in the pictures... :)


Ana said...

My first comment (which I did erase) said that Leah and I ARE both wearing makeup. But I reread your comment and then decided that maybe you weren't really asking if we were wearing makeup so I deleted it because I wasn't sure it that's what you wanted. :) *Grin* Now you know. ;)
P.S. And thank you. Your sweet words make me smile.

Nikki said...

I love Leah's face in that picture! Classic Leah!
Your pictures are so lovely, Ana. I love candles, too! Your pictures (and Leah's and Katie's) always make me think of the world in a new light. You all have such a unique perspective regarding seemingly ordinary things. I like it!
And that was a great Bible verse. :)