Thursday, March 15, 2007


"It's the little, everyday occurrences that try the Christian character; and it is in regard to these that patience works experience. Many of these things are more difficult to be borne than the greater trials of life, because it is more difficult to see the hand of God in them. But patience enables us to endure those things which cross the temper, with a calm, unruffled spirit; to encounter contradictions, little vexations, and disappointments, with out fretting or repining; and saves us from sinking under severe and protracted afflictions."

"Godly sorrow is a melting exercise; which softens the heart, and brings it low before God; while a sight of the cross of Christ, and a sense of pardoning love, brings a holy calm and heavenly peace over the soul."

~Harvey Newcomb, "Young Lady's Guide..."


Katya said...

Mmmm, these quotes are so good and true!

Leah said...

That's a good quote to. :)so so true.
And the pictures are grand!